8 Essential Aluminum Boat Care and Maintenance Tips


Are you thinking about buying a boat? If so, this is the perfect time of the year to get out on the water.

After all, summer is almost here, which means it’s going to be perfect weather for taking advantage of your favorite lake or river.

When it comes to buying a boat on a limited budget, it’s hard to bear the value and versatility of an aluminum boat.

This article takes a look at some helpful aluminum boat maintenance tips that will make keeping your watercraft in top shape a breeze. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

1. Raise the Motor Out of the Water When Not In Use 

It’s important to remember that keeping your motor out of the water when not in use will help reduce corrosion. This includes when you’re out on the lake for the day.

The key is to simply raise it once you’re out in the open water so it can drip dry. This will also help prevent it from getting tangled in weeds or hitting underwater trees.

2. Use Aluminum Cleaner

You’ll also need to keep the aluminum as clean as possible to prevent corrosion or rust. The best strategy is to invest in some aluminum cleaner with anti-oxidant properties. This will help maintain the strength and durability of the aluminum. 

3. Let the Water Drain After Each Use

Once you’ve removed the boat from the water, don’t forget to pull the drain plug. This will allow any water in the floor of the boat to drain, reducing corrosion and rust, and will also help keep it from smelling musty.

This article will help you understand how to deep clean your boat.

4. Get Rid of Carpet On the Floor and Seats

Many boat owners make the mistake of using pieces of carpet as floor mats or seat cushions in their boats. 

The problem is, carpets absorb water and hold it. This will end up creating a moldy, stinky mess. You’re better off ditching the carpet for rubber floor mats and waterproof seat cushions.

5. Paint the Hull

One of the best ways to keep your hull from rusting or corroding is to keep it painted. The best strategy is to keep it touched up between uses when you notice scratches or dings.

6. Keep Your Boat Dry

As soon as you pull your boat out of the water, dry it off with a towel. Keep a towel behind the seat of your truck or in the trunk of your car so that you can grab it quickly.

7. Know the Terrain

Another important maintenance tip is to simply be as familiar as possible with the body of water where you’ll be boating. This will help you avoid underwater rocks and trees that can damage the hull of your boat.

8. Keep It Covered

Always cover your boat with a tarp of a boat cover. This will help keep it from filling with rain or leaves between uses.

A Guide to Basic Aluminum Boat Maintenance Tips

Keeping your boat ready for summer fun doesn’t have to feel like a chore. These tips for aluminum boat maintenance will keep looking great throughout the year.

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Author: Brandon Park