4 Film and Book Characters That Were Perfectly Named 

Do you know the meaning of your name? Learning the origin of your first and last name is often rather eye opening. You may learn a bit about your family history or get some insight into what your parents wanted for you. They may have chosen your name because of what it meant. Or, perhaps you have changed your name to better fit your personality.

While discovering name meanings for people you know is fascinating, it can be just as interesting to learn the meanings of your favorite fictional characters. 

Have you ever thought about the meanings behind your favorite fictional characters? While some character names might be random, others were likely chosen meticulously by the creators. And, whether intentional or not, some made-up characters from popular media have names that are completely fitting.

Let’s look into some of the fictional characters who were given the perfect names by their creators.

Samwise Gamgee

While some fictional characters have names you’ve heard before, others have names that were mostly made up. However, even characters from fantasy novels often have names rooted somewhat in reality. Sam is a name that means “told by God.” Combined with the word “wise,” this name calls to mind someone who was given a calling to wisdom. 

The last name “Gamgee” is another English word that relates to land and wool, reflecting Sam’s connection to the Shire and being a gardener. Overall, this name fits the character’s arc perfectly.

Remus Lupin

It’s no secret to Harry Potter fans that many of the character names were picked out purposefully to reflect something about them. In Roman mythology, Remus is one of the co-founders of Rome. This figure is also often associated with the wolf. Then, there’s the last name of “Lupin.” This Latin name is usually translated to “pertaining to the wolf.” With a name like that, the characters should have figured out Lupin was a werewolf earlier than they did! 

Leia Skywalker

Star Wars has many fascinating, beautiful, and sometimes weird names. While many of the terms could be broken down to reveal truths about these characters, Leia’s name meaning is relatively easy to dissect. “Leia” is a name that has different meanings depending on the culture

In Latin, the name means “lioness,” and this might be the definition that suits the character best. She is a fierce, intelligent character who protects others. She’s also a leader. Then, while made up for the show, her last name connects to the space elements and the fact that she is a significant player in this world. 

Katniss Everdeen

As the main hero of The Hunger Games, Katniss’s name is worth looking into, although it’s more complex than some others on this list. Katniss is an aquatic plant, which makes sense as a name her mother would have given her. Katniss’s mother was a healer who worked with plants. 

But, even more interestingly, this plant has tubers called “Sagittaria.” This is a derivation of Sagittarius, the archer constellation. Given that Katniss is well-known for her bow and arrow skills, doing some digging into the name reveals the strong connection there.

Learn More Fictional Character Name Meanings

While these might just be a few examples, it’s not difficult to find characters from fictional stories with names that match their storyline, arc, or personality. 

Are there any characters that come to mind with fascinating name meanings? There are many out there, and we’d love to get your thoughts! 

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