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    6 New Rules for Modern Office Feedback

    The landscape of the modern office is changing. Thanks to new technologies that are enabling different forms of communication, new generations that are demanding more workplace changes, and drivers of new forms of what “company culture” actually means, today’s workforce can’t be as productive or as satisfied with their jobs if they’re following the working […]

  • Is Azure as Secure as It Seems?


    Is Azure as Secure as It Seems?

    Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform published by Microsoft, has spent the last decade providing essential services to businesses all over the world. With the Microsoft branding, and no major security issues in the news, it seems like a secure way to store your company’s data, collaborate with your team, and more. But is Azure […]

  • 4 Benefits of Operating A Ridesharing Service in the Cloud


    4 Benefits of Operating A Ridesharing Service in the Cloud

    How many rideshare companies exist today? The answer might surprise you. While Uber and Lyft are undoubtedly the most popular national apps, there are plenty of ridesharing apps designed for local use. For example, Summon gives riders a choice between a taxi or personal car in the San Francisco Bay Area, while Juno employs top […]

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    Rideshare Drivers Need Multiple Insurance Policies for Total Coverage

    When Uber and Lyft became the standard ridesharing options, drivers weren’t thinking about car insurance policies. In the early days, most rideshare drivers didn’t think they needed extra coverage. Drivers were considered independent contractors and were responsible for maintaining their own vehicle and paying for their own insurance policy. Although independent contractors are personally responsible […]