4 Safety Tips to Know When Working in Warehouse

A healthy work environment may reduce injury and illness expenses, lower absenteeism, boost speed and effectiveness, and increase employee satisfaction. To put it another way, safety is beneficial to the company. Furthermore, it is the appropriate thing for companies and employers to put safety and security policies and measures in place to safeguard workers and reduce worker injury on the job. Therefore , it is important that workers follow those safety protocols and wear the protective gears provided by the company.

Failure to comply with the rules and guides not only affects the companies productive level but also the worker’s income is affected and they may sustain life long injury that will put them out of a job for a long time and increase their dependability on someone to care for them. No one wants to make themselves immobile and dependent on care by someone therefore to avoid following the safety and guidelines implemented by your company.

Why safety and security is important

Safety policies are important at every workplace and companies but individuals most at risk of injury or death are warehouse workers because they are constantly surrounded by dangers and if not care and non-compliance with safety policy could get injured .Injury prevention is considerably less expensive than injury treatment. On the other hand, while a healthy work environment attracts and maintains skilled staff, the cost of workplace accidents, ailments, and fatalities far exceed the benefit of employees’ insurance plan altogether. Here are some safety tips to help you safeguard your work and reduce risk of injury:

● Always wear protective clothing and gloves and take breaks.

● Maintain a clean work environment in the workplace.

● Never use machinery/Cutting equipments without training

● Always wear back brace / when lifting heavy objects follow right lifting techniques

Protective clothing

To minimize accidents and injuries, warehouse workers should always wear safety glasses, helmets, steel-toe boots, flame-resistant clothes, masks like the 3M 9205 mask, earplugs, and leather work gloves. If a person is wearing a non-steel-toe boot and a large object falls on their toe, the person will suffer from a fractured toe, which could have been avoided if the worker had worn protective apparel.

Clean Work area

Maintenance is vital in any facility, but it can be especially vital in a warehouse setting. Accidents and injuries can be achieved by keeping sidewalks free of spills and garbage. It is also important to keep items in their right bin and storage areas and not laying on the ground where someone can trip over them and fall. Ensure that after the use of equipment such as ladder you place them out of the way and back to the storage area.

Right Lifting Techniques for Heavy objects

Lifting heavy objects without assistance and improper lifting techniques will result in injuries to the individuals back therefore Warehouse workers such ensure to always ask for assistance when lifting heavy objects and follow right lifting procedure and also wear a back brace which helps support their back while lifting heavy objects. Additionally , when cutting and lifting sharp objects such as steel or pipes ensure that wear gloves at all times

Don’t operate Machinery without prior training
Working with machinery without proper training can lead to work-related injuries such as loss of a finger or accidental amputation of your hands. You should complete basic safety training as well as instruction related to the equipment you intend to use. If you’re not accustomed with a tool or equipment, don’t use it until you’ve received sufficient training. Safety and security is everyone’s responsibility while in the warehouse failure to comply will have adverse effects on both employees and employer.

Author: Mike