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    How Poor Traffic Safety Laws are Making the Road More Deadly

    A study from 2017 may provide some insight into why traffic fatalities are on the rise. The report, which looked at traffic safety laws across the nation, found that states with poor driving laws have the worst driving records. South Dakota, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana and Missouri were among the states with the worst records. In […]

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    Private Property Car Accidents: What Rideshare Drivers Need to Know

    Public property and private property are two very different things. When a person is driving on the interstate or roadway and an accident occurs, it’s an accident that is on public property. But when an accident occurs on private property, this is an accident that occurred in: A parking lot An apartment complex Or similar […]

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    Caution: Road Work is a Common Cause of Crashes

    When you’re a rideshare driver, it’s important to pay attention to the most common causes of accidents. Why? You’re on the road too often to ignore the risks. A lot of accidents are avoidable, and you can lower the risk of your own human error causing an accident. Road construction is one of the causes […]

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    Emotional and Mental Stress After a Car Accident

    If you’ve been in a car accident before, you know just how stressful the entire process can be. I was in an accident a little over a year ago, and the accident was not my fault. But the entire process was stressful. You’ll have both insurance companies contacting you. An adjuster will view your vehicle, […]

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    Uber Guidelines and Your Responsibility as a Passenger

    You call an Uber, and when the driver pulls up, they’re at your disposal, helping you get to your destination with as little issues as possible. Top drivers may offer you USB charging, water and a variety of music options, too. And if you’re a good passenger, you’ll be able to use the service in […]

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    What to Do if Someone Hits Your Parked Car

    You run inside to grab some lunch at a local restaurant and someone hits your car while you’re inside. You come outside to a damaged bumper. The car is still there, but the driver is nowhere to be found. What happens next? Wait for the Driver First and foremost, don’t panic and don’t do anything […]

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    How to Keep Employees Safe on the Road

    Each time an employee heads out on the road, you, as an employer, are taking a risk. If your employee drivers recklessly, there’s a chance that you may be held liable for damages and injuries in case of an accident. Road safety is of the utmost importance. Here’s how to keep employees safe on the […]

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    Is Your Uber Driver Taking a Longer Route on Purpose?

    You hop in your Uber expecting to be at your destination in 10 minutes, but your driver has taken a different turn and suddenly your trip is extended to 20 minutes. What gives? Was your driver taking a longer route on purpose? Yes, Some Uber Drivers are Purposely Taking Longer Routes To fight back against […]

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    4 Ways Rideshare Drivers Should Select Repair Shops

    Maintenance and repairs are vital to your rideshare business. Lack of repairs will lead to lower ratings, and you’ll also put your passengers at risk if your vehicle isn’t running properly. Auto repair problems are time-consuming, so you might be out of operation for an extended period of time. But if you find the right […]

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    6 Fuel Efficient Driving Tips To Help Maximize Your Mileage

    Here are our top 10 ways to maximize gas mileage:   Take it easy on the pedals This is especially true when driving in heavy traffic or on busy city streets. Accelerating and hitting the brakes repeatedly is not only terrible for your car, but it can negatively affect your gas mileage. It may seem […]