4 Ways Pedestrians Can Stay Safe

Getting around town on foot may prove dangerous. With an increased number of vehicles on roadways, the threat of a pedestrian getting struck is genuine.

You should not have to worry about an injury lawyer tampa florida when traversing your hometown as a pedestrian. Whether you walk, bike or jog, you should know that you can help keep yourself safe while out on foot. Take a look at these four ways you can keep yourself safe when setting out around your neighborhood or city without a car.

1. Wear Brightly Colored Clothing

You may assume that you are visible during the day no matter what you wear. Therefore, you may not give much thought to the color of your clothing when going for your morning jog. Even in the daylight, you should err on the side of caution and wear bright clothing. If the sun is striking the windshield of a vehicle or there is an obstruction, a car may not see you as clearly if you are wearing dull colors. At night, you should not only wear something bright, but reflective tape or lights should also be donned to ensure the headlights of a passing car will illuminate you. 

2. Utilize Crosswalks and Traffic Control Devices

It isn’t always convenient to cross at traffic lights or crosswalks, but it is much safer according to the NHTSA. This practice doesn’t guarantee you will remain safe, but it does help increase your chances. If you must cross, do so at a light, and only when you get the walk signal. Also, do not assume that a car approaching a red light will stop. Go on the defensive and wait until it stops moving to set out across the road. Trying to beat oncoming traffic is one way you may get hit.

3. Steer Clear of Construction Areas

As cities and towns improve infrastructure or buildings, construction cones and signs seem to go up every other block. Scaffolding, work trucks, and the like all work against pedestrians by creating obstructions that make it more difficult for vehicles to see them. Try to walk on the inner part of the sidewalk or choose a longer route to assure you are safer.

4. Avoid Dark Spots

Not all cities and towns have street lights that illuminate the sidewalk or roadway around it. Even with proper evening attire, you should try to stay in well-lit areas of the neighborhood or town. Walking along a dark street is too risky.

Keeping your eyes and ears open can also help you detect when a car may be too close or traveling too fast. Always pay attention to your surroundings and consider these tips to stay safe as a pedestrian.

Author: Brandon Park