5 Best Budget LED Headlights You Can’t Miss

5 Best Budget LED Headlights You Can’t Miss

Hands down, LED headlights give far better visibility compared to the factory bulbs as they are 400% brighter. Due to this, many people are looking for aftermarket LED headlights at a reasonable price. 

There are many top-selling brands in the market, such as  ZonCar LED, SEALIGHT, AUXITO, etc. They provide the best budget LED headlights. Let’s check out the top 5 best budget LED headlights that you should opt for.

#1 ZonCar Z1 H11/H9/H8 High/Low Beam White LED Headlight Bulb 2 Pcs

The ZonCar Z1 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs provides 6000K~6500K cool white temperature. These bulbs are perfect for beams and also installable for fog light units. It is easy to install and consists of a silent fan. 

The lifespan of the bulbs are 30,000 hours and features an imported Korean CSP LED chipset. It is made out of a solid aluminum body that ensures the user doesn’t have to replace the bulb often. They also come with a turbo cooling fan that works without making any noise.

One of the best parts about ZonCar products is that they have a wide-range of product lines including headlights, fog lights, and all other interior and exterior parts of a vehicle.

Price: $29.99

#2 SEALIGHT S1 H11/H8/H9 White LED Headlight Bulbs 2 Pcs

The SEALIGHT S1 H11 bulbs make you drive worry-free during the night time as it comes with a glare-free beam pattern. One of the best parts about these bulbs is that it can easily fit in 99% of the vehicles.

The cooling system of the product ensures that the lifespan is increased. These bulbs are also designed to be IP67 waterproof that can work in all weather, especially bad one. 

The installation process is also very simple. All you need to do is simply remove the halogen bulb and install an LED bulb. Twist to lock and you’re good to go. In case there are any issues, the brand provides you with a 90 day return policy.

Price: $33.99

#3 AUXITO H4 9003 Fanless LED Headlight Bulbs (2 Pcs)

Here’s 360 degree adjustable collar ring bulbs, AUXITO H4 9003 Fanless LED Headlight Bulbs that makes your driving experience safer. It does not blind the oncoming drivers and comes with a stable output as it features an upgraded smart IC driver. 

The lifespan of these bulbs are over 30,000 hours and they are designed with an aluminum body. Moreover, it consists of a fanless design that doesn’t make any noise. The dustproof and waterproof design will ensure that you can use it even during a weather condition including heavy rainfall, snowfall or sandstorm. 

Price: $30

#4 Lasfit H11/H8/H9/H16 LED Headlight Kits (Pack of 2)

The replacement of the halogen bulb is absolutely easy and does not require any modification during the installation. If you are looking forward to buying LED headlight bulbs, then Lasfit H11/H8/H9/H16 LED Headlight bulbs are the perfect option for you.

It is safe for driving at night time as the temperature is 6000K pure white, which is 400% brighter than the factory bulbs. It also comes with a correct beam pattern. Considering the installation, if you find any trouble then you can try flipping the bulbs and doing the installation process again. 

Price: $27

#5 NOVSIGHT H13/9008 LED Headlight Bulbs

The NOVSIGHT H13/9008 LED Headlight Bulbs are the best option to provide horizontal vision without blinding other drivers on the road. It consists of 9008 LED chipset that ensures 50,000 hours of lifespan, which means you can use these bulbs 25% more compared to the regular bulbs.

It is compatible with 98% of vehicles. However, it is highly recommended that you should check your owners manual before placing an order for these bulbs. Also, it is recommended to check the return policy.

Price: $35.99


In conclusion before buying any LED headlights for your vehicle make sure that you are choosing a proper color of light that is legal in your country. Also, make sure that they are installed properly and they are compatible with your vehicle.

No wonder, brighter the better but you need to keep the brightness under control and ensure that the angle is correct, otherwise it can simply blind oncoming vehicles. It is also advisable that you should always read the reviews before purchasing any product online. 

There are many reliable stores online to purchase automotive parts such as SuncentAuto.com and Amazon.com.

Author: Full Editorial