Top 6 H11 Headlight Bulbs (Popular Brands)

Top 6 H11 Headlight Bulbs (Popular Brands)

H11 LED headlight bulbs are getting popular as more and more vehicles are being introduced with this configuration. However, a person with no knowledge of LED bulbs (and their types) can find it challenging to choose the right one. It is because different types of H11 bulbs can make a big difference in performance.

Thus, we will share with you the top 6 H11 headlight bulbs that you can get to upgrade your vehicle’s headlights. 

  1.  SEALIGHT H11 LED Headlight, 60W (Editor’s Choice)

If you are simply looking for the best H11 headlight bulb, end your search here and get the SEALIGHT LED bulbs. SEALIGHT is one of the most popular brands for making high quality LED headlight bulbs. You can check out its SEALIGHT Scoparc S1 and S2 series for H11 headight bulbs.  It has everything that a car owner needs at an affordable price. With a 6000k color temperature, this headlight gives you an amazing experience with pure white color light.

They are proven to be 130% brighter than the traditional halogen bulbs and are 1.5 times brighter than the rest. The best thing about SEALIGHT H11 LED headlights is that they produce a perfect beam pattern that does not create a blind spot for the other drivers.

The SEALIGHT H11 LED Headlight can work for 50,000 hours which means you won’t have to worry about frequent replacements of your car headlights.

2. Marsauto® M2 H11 High/Low Beam White LED Bulb 2Pcs

Marsauto M2 H11 headlight comes with an effective beam pattern that produces up to 16,000 lumens of light. Most people prefer this brand because its beam pattern produces light perfectly so that the oncoming traffic does not get distracted by them.

As per our expectations, it is a plug-and-play LED headlight that eliminates all the hard work you put into installation. You also get cool white light with a 6000k color temperature.

Upon careful observation, we noticed that the light beam produced by this headlight is focused on the driver’s lane. It gives you a better look on the road to drive without any worries.

3. Torchbeam® T2 H11 High/Low Beam White LED Headlight Bulb 2Pcs (High Powered)

If you want your car headlights to be brighter than others, you should check out this one. The H11 headlight by Torchbeam is almost 400% brighter than halogens and beats most the LED headlights as well. They did some extra work in adding the color temperature of 6500k which gives you a clear white beam of light. It comes with a fan (12000 rpm) that keeps the light cool and avoids any burnout. This is not limited to the temperature as it also helps in generating better quality light.

The good thing is you do not need any tools or modifications to add it to your vehicle. Simply search it on SuncentAuto’s website and choose your car model to order it.

4. Aukee H11 LED Bulbs 10,000 Lumens 50W

With the Aukee H11 LED bulb, you get customized solutions for your road trips at night. There’s a cooling fan that keeps the light beam strong without making any noise. The reason we added it to the list is its removable aluminum adapter (360-degree) that lets you adjust the LED as per your requirements. 

You also get 6pcs custom chips per bulb (total of 12) with over 30,000 hours of LED life. 

You can get these LEDs to compete with HIDs with a better light quality and color temperature.

5. Fahren H11 LED Bulbs, 60W

You do not need to do much research when you can find a 60W-powered LED headlight. The Fahren H11 LED bulbs are designed for car enthusiasts who love to drive with a robust car headlight. With a 1.2 mm focused beam, you can go on any road without worrying about visibility.

Additionally, you can get a clear view up to 200 meters due to the increased power of the bulb. The design includes a turbofan to keep the light cool and works great with the 6500k color temperature light.

6. HONCS H11 LED Headlight, 50W (Budget-friendly)

 If you are looking for a fanless option, this H11 LED headlight is your best bet. It comes with a safe beam pattern that adds to your safety on the road. 

Another great thing about this LED kit is that you can replace your vehicle’s halogen bulb without spending much. However, the installation can take some time and you get a white pair of gloves for the job. 

After a few uses, we noticed that the light can seem too dim for some users. Thus, it is important to consider your requirements before going for this one.

Author: Full Editorial