5 Engine Misfire Symptoms (And How to Correct the Problems)

Engine misfires can be a worrying sign to drivers who are not mechanically minded.

When your car is not running as it should, it could indicate a more severe problem. But identifying the cause of the engine misfire symptoms early is essential.

But what can cause an engine misfire?

Here are five common car misfire symptoms and how you can correct the problems.


Some misfire symptoms will allow your car to continue running. However, engine stalling will stop your vehicle in its tracks.

Of course, there are driver error problems that could cause your car to stall. Releasing the clutch too fast on a manual transmission car will bring your car a halt.

If your vehicle starts stalling when driving, it could be caused by a bad ignition coil. This can happen when stopped or while moving.

If you have a bad ignition coil, it’ll send intermittent currents to your spark plugs.

While your car may restart after stalling now, you must get this problem checked out before the problem worsens.

2. Poor Fuel Economy

If your car has a bad ignition coil causing your engine to misfire, you’ll find that you’ll use more gas as a result.

This will lead to you needing to refuel more frequently.

3. Backfiring

An early warning sign of ignition coil problems will be that your vehicle backfires.

This happens when your internal combustion cylinders still contain fuel. This then flows out into the exhaust pipe.

You’ll know that this is happening in your vehicle because you’ll have black smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe. This smoke will also have a strong smell of gasoline.

4. Rough Idling

If your vehicle feels rough when it is idling, don’t ignore this sign. Likewise, if you
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This could be a sign that you have bad spark plugs, damaged spark plug wires, or a
bad distributor cap.

5. Check Engine Light

Your dashboard will have several different lights, all of which provide valuable information from your vehicle’s sensors. Also, you need to show equal importance for your comfort inside the car, you can upgrade to UTV Seat covers to make your car look super cool from inside too. Often, the presence of a lit warning sign on your dashboard won’t give you any specific information.

The presence of the check engine light could be related to issues in your exhaust system, and you may have other cylinder misfire symptoms too.

If your engine light is on, you’ll need to have the problem diagnosed. While your vehicle may still drive, you shouldn’t ignore the issue.

Using the right tools, it’s possible to diagnose the actual cause of the problem. Diagnostic codes can be found at garatos.com.

Don’t Ignore Engine Misfire Symptoms

Engine misfire symptoms shouldn’t be ignored. They are a sign that your engine needs urgent attention.

Your car misfiring can be caused by the ignition system, problems with your fuel, or issues with compression. All of these problems could be costly if undiagnosed.

Get your vehicle into a garage as soon as you can and have the issues diagnosed by a professional.

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Author: Brandon Park