5 Fun Road Trip Games That Will Keep Everyone Occupied


Can you name the longest road in the world?

It’s the Pan American Highway, stretching from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to the southern tip of Argentina. It passes through 14 countries and covers a staggering 19,000 miles.

Chances are you won’t be taking a road trip that long anytime soon. Still, even much shorter road trips can get boring if you’re not prepared.

Would you like a list of the best road trip games for your upcoming journey? Here are 5 car ride games everyone is sure to love!

1. Would You Rather?

If you want to start some interesting conversations and debates, Would You Rather is your go-to game.

The rules are simple. You present two options and everyone states which one they would choose (and why). A few examples are:

  • Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?
  • Would you rather live in Antarctica or the Sahara Desert?
  • Would you rather get stuck in a broken elevator or on a broken ski chair lift?

You can get as goofy (or as serious) as you like with these questions.

2. Cows on My Side

Here’s a silly but fun game to keep everyone entertained. Each passenger keeps an eye on their side of the road. When they spot a cow on their side, they shout out, “Cows on my side!” and get one point.

If they spot cows on the opposite side and shout out before the others do, they get two points. If you drive past a cemetery, you can shout out “Ghost cow!” for five bonus points.

3. Truth or Fiction

How well does everyone in the car know everyone else? Find out with a friendly game of Truth or Fiction.

Each person takes turns relating a story about themselves, which can be completely true (or completely false). It’s up to the others in the car to guess which is which.

You can assign points based on correct guesses, or (maybe more fun) the ability to trick people into believing your tall tales!

4. While You Were Sleeping

This game is fun not just at the moment, but it can also provide laughs for days to come.

When someone falls asleep, everyone else in the car makes up a story about something that happened while they slept. When the person wakes up, you relate the story and add as many details as you can (without getting caught).

How long can you keep up the act before the napper catches on? That depends on you and your friends!

5. Downloaded Digital Games

After all this laughing and shouting, everyone in the car may need a little silence to unwind.

That doesn’t mean the games have to end. Charge up those phones and tablets and play a little Solitaire, Chess, No Deposit Bonus, or another electronic game.

Just make sure looking down won’t make you carsick!

The Best Road Trip Games: Now You Know

From singing to storytelling and questions to word puzzles, there’s no end to fun games to play in the car.

Before you set off for your next road trip, refer back to this list of road trip games. You’ll be having so much, you’ll arrive at your destination before you know it!

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Author: Brandon Park