5 Important Things to Consider Before Selling Your Car

Aside from our partners, friends, and family, our best travel buddy is our car. It can take us anywhere we like at any time we want. For instance, if we are in the vibe to have a road trip or are in the mood to visit someone from afar, traveling becomes more at ease because we have a car to use.

However, there will come unfortunate times, especially when we are caught up in a financial situation, that we need to sell one of our valued possessions. Our car that has a unique value in our hearts is one of these valued possessions that we can sell for us to have an extra income. But how do we sell our precious car? Here are a few things to prepare and consider before we do the actual selling:

Method of Sale

In every buy and sell transaction, there should always be a method of sale. So, it would be best if you first decided how you intend to sell your car. Is it through a car dealer? Or do you intend to sell it to a private independent buyer? Whichever it is, you must weigh its advantages and disadvantages before you make a decision.

Car Dealer

Selling your precious car to a car dealer has a whole lot of advantages. When you sell your car to a car dealer company, you can expect to get your cash the same day they buy your car. Most car dealers want nothing but business, so they make sure that they can facilitate both the buyer and the seller. 

Also, selling your car to car dealers can save you the difficulty of finding the right buyers and the hassle of transferring your car from your house to their location since most car dealing companies offer free car removal or pickup services. 

To find reliable and trustworthy car dealers, you may try to browse the internet and visit some websites. Legit companies provide their website, together with their contact details, for you to contact them easier.

Independent Buyer

When you opt to sell your car privately to an independent buyer, you can expect to earn a more profitable amount. However, it would require all your efforts to find the right and reliable buyer. You also have to be persuasive enough for the negotiations. Plus, there will be a chance of meeting scammers along the way of selling your car. 


When you are determined to sell your car for whatever reasons you have, you must prepare all the documents to prove your car ownership. Before presenting your car to the market, get your documents ready so that it would be easy for you to process the transaction when a buyer comes. 

Car Condition

Before you put your car up for sale, it is best to have it inspected to know if your car is in the right condition to sell. Check all its interior and exterior parts, including its underbody, the pedals, the engine bay, the floor mats, car battery, etc. If you don’t know how to professionally check your vehicle yourself, you may hire a mechanic to do the inspection.

When you find faults and problems that need fixing in your car, you may have it repaired before selling, or you may leave it that way while selling it at a lower price. When you opt for the latter, you must inform your buyer to avoid complaints and cancelation.

The Appearance of The Car

Appearance matters. So, you must have your car thoroughly cleaned inside and out to attract potential buyers. Remove all your things in the glove compartment. Do some vacuuming and sanitation on the car seats. Clean out all the hard-to-reach corners and surfaces of your car. And lastly, make the interior of your car as spotless as possible.

You may hire a professional car detailing services company to do the cleaning for you. These companies have professional staff who can correctly do the task as they use proper cleaning tools and equipment. They also know how to deal with the minor scratches and dents on your car’s interior. 

Accurate Value of Your Car

Putting a price tag on your car is the most crucial thing to consider when deciding to sell it. Giving it a high price might not attract buyers, while giving it a lower price might not be as worthy as the financial and emotional investment you have for your car. When deciding on a price, you must be in the middle ground. But how do you decide on its price?

You may do some research: check out the car market place, look for similar car models with the closest car condition as yours, or you may also ask local car dealers for opinions. They usually give accurate assessments and offer a considerable price.


The reason for selling a car differs from person to person. For whatever reason, as long as you are determined to sell your car, you must be all-out ready for its selling process. Prepare all the essential things that are needed in selling. And condition and detail your car so that you may attract rightful and trustworthy buyers.

Author: Doug