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    When Should You Consider Buying a New Car?

    Buying a new car can be a very expensive purchase, and it is a decision you should take some time thinking about. If you are unsure whether you should buy a new car or not, here are some factors you should consider before you make this big purchase. 1. To repair or not to repair: […]

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    4 Senior Auto Insurance Tips to Lower Costs and Ensure Personal Independence

    As you near retirement age, personal independence is likely one of your first priorities. Going shopping, making visits to the doctor, or spending time at recreation activities requires driving around. And, for that, you’ll need appropriate car insurance. Should you check this feature on MoneyGeek, you’ll learn that providers have different criteria for offering coverage […]

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    Handy Tips to Find an Experienced Electrician for Your Auto or Home

    A modern car is a maze of wires, fuses, relays computers and other major electrical parts. Failure of any of the parts can cause your car to show a “check engine” warning light, or even quit running all together. The following are 7 of the most common electrical problems in modern automobiles. If you experience […]

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    How to Spend Your Time Profitably While Driving

    Image Author: It is almost impossible to imagine our lives without cars. We do spend a lot of time driving. If you don’t like to waste your time, keep on reading this article to learn 5 productive things to do while driving. Driving is not a quality activity for development of our brains, it […]

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    5 Steps to Take If You Have an Accident in Your Rental Car

    Whether you have hired a rental car for business purposes or to go on vacation, the last thing you want is to find yourself in a car accident. Unfortunately, car accidents can and do occur, so it’s crucial that you follow the correct protocol to ensure you and your party are safe, and to avoid […]

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    What Does the Future of Self Driving Cars Look Like

    Self-driving cars are set to transform the transportation industry. They offer many benefits, such as improved road safety and freeing up time for people, as they can use their time to do more productive things instead of having to focus on driving during their commute.  Since the start of commercial auto production, the industry has […]

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    Best Way to Polish a Car With a Random Orbital Sander

    Have you just bought a new car and want to make sure it keeps that new car look? Or are you doing up an older car, and want to make sure it is shining properly? You may be wondering whether to polish your car by hand. However, while this may be a cheap option, polishing […]

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    Can I Have a Car Without Auto Insurance?

    Source Can I have a car without auto insurance?  Federal laws impose auto insurance, which means that you can’t drive legally without it. Auto insurance is proof of liability in the case of a crash. Every state requires it for the protection of pedestrians and other vehicle drivers. Keep in mind that each state has […]

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    Best Car Wax

    Giving your car the love it deserves goes a long way in ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. However, for most owners, this is typically limited to transmission, suspension, and engine maintenance, with the exterior protection taking a backseat.  Apart from the occasional visit to the car wash, you can achieve […]

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    Do You Need a Private Driver? – What Are the Pros and Cons?

    Having someone who is able to pick you up at any time and provide decent service is every person’s wish. A good driver with proper skills is always hard to find. There is not a straightforward answer to the question of whether you need a private driver or not. Everything has its drawbacks as well […]