5 Recommended Steps To Take After A Car Accident

You’ve seen car accident scenes in movies, on the news, on a long trip, on your way to work, or in your local community. Because vehicle accidents happen everywhere, they may also happen to you, no matter how you practice safe driving. For this reason, it pays off to learn the recommended steps to take after a car accident by reading below:  

Step One: Get Yourself In A Safe Place 

In any accident scenario, your number one priority must be your safety. Here are ways you can ascertain your safety after a car accident: 

  • Pull Over In A Safe Area: Park your car in a safe area if it’s in the middle of the road. Although the vehicles of the concerned parties should remain where they are, always prioritize your safety. 
  • Contact Authorities: Immediately contact 911, emergency services, or the police.  
  • Get Yourself Checked: Seek medical attention even if you sustained minor injuries for medical documentation purposes. Also, seemingly mild injuries can turn out serious after a scan and laboratory studies, such as internal injuries. 

Step Two: Call Your Lawyer 

The goal of filing a personal injury claim is to seek justice, and expert personal injury lawyers can help you attain this. So, consulting a lawyer early on is essential, especially if you sustained severe injuries or multiple parties are involved. You can check many helpful online resources, such as a webinar on how you should handle a car accident on sites like banvillelaw.com

Check the following ways a personal injury attorney can help you after a car accident: 

  • Tells You What To Do: An experienced personal injury lawyer can tell you outright what to do right after a road traffic accident. For instance, your attorney may advise you not to apologize to injured parties or give your formal police statement until you talk to your lawyer to ensure you’re not in any way incriminating yourself. 
  • Handle Claim: A personal injury lawyer acts on behalf of the injured victim to handle all facets of the claims process, including negotiating with the insurance company of the at-fault driver, the involved parties, and the court. Hiring a trusted personal injury lawyer will help you in filing and completing the claim’s requirements and settlement up to the litigation process.  

Step Three: Gather Evidence

Your attorney will help you in gathering relevant evidence of the accident, such as taking pictures and videos, interviewing witnesses, and getting contact details at the accident scene. 

Step Four: Inform Significant People 

Inform your loved ones of what happened to you to keep them from worrying. Also, you should inform your supervisor about the incident to adjust your work schedule or put you on sick leave while you’re still recovering from your injuries.  

Your lawyer can contact your creditors if you still can’t work to suspend your payments temporarily. It will avoid bankruptcy and ruining your credit standing. Also, you have to inform your car insurance company about the accident.  

Step Five: Recall Everything To Start Your Legal Claim 

Once you’re fully rested and recovered, you need to be prepared for the legal process. Your lawyer will set a meeting to talk to you personally and gather information based on your narration. Before meeting with your lawyer, try to recall everything that happened before the accident occurred and write them down in a notebook or your smartphone’s notepad. 

Recall the incident details by answering the following questions: 

  • Why were you on the road? Where were you heading to? 
  • Who was with you in the car? Were you alone or with several passengers? 
  • What was the condition of the road? Did a fallen tree block the other side of the road? Or maybe the road was rough or dim.  
  • Did you notice any traffic signs? The stop sign was flickering at the intersection, or the red light was on, but the other driver suddenly accelerated, causing the collision.  
  • What were you doing aside from driving? Were you talking to one of your passengers or eating? 
  • What did you notice with the other driver’s car that hit your vehicle? Was it on the right lane, or did it overtake yours? 


By following the recommended steps above, you can get through the car accident safely, confidently, and courageously. Ascertain your safety above everything, and call your lawyer as soon as you can. It’s also important to contact your family, your boss, and other significant people you have commitments with to postpone appointments while you’re still in the hospital and recovering from your injuries. Be prepared with the legal process by recalling everything as soon as possible to start your claim.

Author: Brandon Park