5 Things You Should Do After A Trucking Accident


Let’s face it: any type of motor vehicle accident is scary. A trucking accident, however, can be downright terrifying. Even if it seems like you’re walking away unscathed, physical problems like injuries might still crop up down the line. And that’s to say nothing of the psychological damage, or even post-traumatic stress disorder, that might result from this type of crash.

Not all accidents can be avoided, but you can be prepared by learning what to do after one happens. Here are the five most important steps to take.

1. If Possible, Move Vehicles Out of the Way

What’s worse than an accident involving a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle? An accident involving a commercial truck, several passenger vehicles, and a couple of motorcycles.

If it’s possible to move your car to the side of the road, do so. Set up flares to alert other motorists to steer clear.

2. Assess Any Injuries and Call for Help

Is anyone hurt? It’s a good idea to call 911 no matter what, to ensure that the proper steps are taken. However, if you suspect any serious injuries, call for an ambulance right away.

Once emergency medical technicians and law enforcement officers arrive on scene, cooperate fully. Let the medical techs give you a once-over and triage any injuries. Tell police your account of how the accident happened.

3. Don’t Point Fingers or Get Into an Argument

Tempers can flare up after an accident. Your adrenaline is running high, and especially if the other driver(s) are argumentative, it can be difficult to keep calm.

It’s important, however. Don’t start yelling about whose fault the accident was or proclaiming your own innocence. In fact, trucking accidents statistics prove that it’s best not to engage with anyone else at all if you can’t civilly exchange information and go your separate ways. Wait for law enforcement to come and take charge.

4. Get a Check Up After Trucking Accidents

If you don’t require immediate medical attention, that’s great news. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you are in the clear physically. Some injuries, like whiplash, back pain, joint issues, and even traumatic brain injuries, can develop in the hours or days after an accident.

As soon as possible afterward, either make a trip to a local urgent care facility or see your primary care physician. You will want to have medical documentation in the event that a legal case develops.

5. And Speaking of Legal Cases…

Consulting with an accident attorney should be your next step after the doctor. There might be grounds for a case, or there might not. It depends on the circumstances o your trucking accident, who was at fault, and what type of settlement the insurance company offers. Being backed up by Strong Tie commercial truck insurance is a must.

However, it never hurts to develop a relationship with a lawyer just in case. The consultation will be free, and there will be no obligation.

Wrapping Up

Trucking accidents are never something you want to have happen, but knowing what steps to take in case they do is helpful. Follow these tips for the best outcome after any accident.  

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5 Things You Should Do After A Trucking Accident