Riding a bike is one of the most exciting things ever. You feel completely free and on top of the world as you take on all the twists and turns in the road. With this exhilaration and excitement also comes danger with statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation reporting that the chances of a motorcyclist dying from a road accident are 35 times greater than someone in a passenger car. The chances of someone dying when involved in a motorbike accident also increase by up to 40 times more when they are not using a helmet. 

These statistics have driven engineers and innovators to improve the safety experience of all those who enjoy the two wheelers. A major breakthrough and exciting add to the safety features for bikers is the push for the adoption of bluetooth communicators for use in helmets. 

The resulting product known popularly as the Bluetooth helmet has enhanced the experience of bikers all over the world.  This is because the experience they provide creates a blend of comfort, protection and security. As a result manufacturers have committed to releasing multiple options in the market . 

With full functionality allowing you to access rechargeable batteries and connect on the go with the wireless option, here are five more ways a Bluetooth helmet makes your life easier. 


Human elements are the primary cause of many fatal road accidents with over speeding and drunk driving listed as the primary culprits. The sad thing is that these major causes like many others are largely avoidable. 

Bluetooth helmets with design specifications incorporating bluetooth communicators allow you to ride safely and enjoy the things you love on the go.  The build of the Bluetooth helmet helps achieve these objectives with a lightweight design that does not feel like you are wearing anything extra. 

Talk on the go 

Talking while on the road is an often underplayed cause of road accidents. Bluetooth helmets help to avoid this risk all together with the use of bluetooth communicators allowing you to receive calls hands free. 

The voice command option in the helmet helps to make this experience better as you can make verbal commands, calling and answering calls on the go. 

Listen to music  

Your favorite music does not have to be absent when you are cruising the streets on your bike.  Bluetooth communicators integrate the music experience on your smartphone with your helmet interface allowing you ride with your favorite songs playing.  

The audio function of the helmet is also uniquely designed to ensure that you remain aware of your environment, traffic movement and noises despite the music playing. 

Navigate in style 

Exploring new areas can be a drag when you have to constantly stop to consult various people for directions. The GPS function on a Bluetooth helmet ensures that you can find your way to your destination without whipping out your phone every five minutes. 

Enjoy the experience 

All the benefits of using a Bluetooth helmet built with the highest quality bluetooth communicators integrated into it is the overall comfort derived from the experience. 

From having conversations hands free to playing your favorite songs, discovering new places and remaining alert for danger, your Bluetooth helmet allows you maximum comfort.

The beauty and excitement of riding a motorbike does not have to be overshadowed by the fear of accidents. Using a Bluetooth helmet allows you greater control over your experience and assures you of a safe ride.

Author: Brandon Park