7 Useful Packing Tips That Could Make Your Move A Little Easier

Each time you’ll be relocating to a new house, you’ll try to learn from your past mistakes. You’ll be aiming to manage your time better, avoid damage to your possessions, and try to save money. But no matter how well-organized and experience you may be, it still possible that you’ll hit a few snags once you start packing. With these six tips, you can make the process a little easier.

Start Decluttering Your Home Before Packing

It’s no use in going through the motions of packing, moving, and unpacking things that you no longer need or want. Start decluttering your home while you are sorting through your things. This includes getting rid of clothing, furniture, and other household items that you no longer need by selling, donating, or dumping them.

Boxing Up Belongings Before The Big Day

It’s not a good idea to wait until the evening before the big day to start packing. Usually, when people wait until the very last minute, the process is sped up significantly, and items are not wrapped and packed as securely as they should have been. Start packing the items you don’t use regularly during the weeks leading up to the moving day. Slowly start sealing the boxes and only leave the necessities like toiletries and clothing for the final days prior to the move.

Using Specialized Boxes For Fragile Items

Make sure you pack computer monitors and TVs in their original packaging if you can. Or you can opt for boxes with foam corners to protect the breakable items and screens. More delicate items like artwork or lamps must be packed in special boxes to protect them and marked “fragile.” Dishes are usually at high risk of breaking during a move. You get dish-specific boxes that you could consider using. Or you can enlist a full-service moving company in Maui to take care of the packing and the move.

Packing And Unpacking Boxes Per Room

The best method of staying organized is by packing room by room and labeling everything so that you know where everything goes once you get to your new home. This way, you won’t have to rummage through boxes with clothing while looking to find silverware or mugs. Follow the same process when unpacking.

Preparing Yourself That Some Rooms May Take Longer

When you’re packing room by room, you must leave yourself enough time for areas that necessitate more time. Kitchens, for instance, takes longer to pack since there are many breakable items that must be wrapped first. Storage spaces and closets tend to take longer since you’ll probably come across many things that have been tucked away that you would have forgotten about.

Packing Heavy Items In Small Boxes

Books, shoes and dishes can weigh up fast. Don’t overload a box with heavy items and risk the bottom falling out, plus it’s more problematic moving them. Instead, use smaller boxes for more substantial items. Books can be hefty, so its best to use a smaller box for them.

Rent A Storage Unit

Are you moving to an entirely new place, different from the environment of what you’re used to? If so, give your time to get settled in before unpacking. For instance, first-time movers to the big city rent a self storage facility in London to store their items in. This process gives them a chance to get the lay of the land first before they start unpacking their life.  

Author: Brady Anderson