Key essentials that you will need on a motorcycle trip

Are you also planning on some motorcycle trips? Whether your trips are going to be small or large you need to have some accessories on motorcycle trips and tours and that is why I am here today. To save your ass from trouble here are the few key essentials that you should have on a motorcycle trip, every time.  


The first and most important things, starting from the helmet, then sunglasses, visor cleaner, motorcycle jacket, gloves, clothing, motorcycle luggage to carry all the items and a reflective jacket. If you need a dark or tinted visor for night riding then pack one too! Check the weather and pack gloves according to weather, and the same goes for clothing. During the winter windbreakers and waterproof clothing or a rain suit. The rain suit also goes for summer.  

Make sure you have waterproof luggage or put some plastic bags on them or all your clothes and documents will be wet. The reflective jacket is very important for night riding if you are will not be doing that then fine pack it just in case. Another option is to wear a jacket that has reflective stripes. 


Smartphone, power bank, universal plug, and if you can, a charging point on the bike will be good. The smartphone can act as a navigation system and a means of communication if you want a separate GPS navigations system is not bad either. Get a global network carrier or buy local sum upon arrival. Make sure your phone is global to catch the signals and unlocked. Extra power brick and charging cable are always good to have.

Other than that, essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, deodorant, sleeping tent, if you would be staying in hotels then these might not be needed but even then, bring your toothbrush. Sunblock, moisturizers, glasses, multipurpose knife, and first aid kit are always needed. Water bags or bottles, dry plastic bags, zip ties, and motorcycle locks will also be needed. Now you need a motorcycle bag for these things, while they can be kept in saddlebags but I recommend tank bags. Why, because in there your items would be easily accessible at hand and can be used when needed. 


Always keep repair tools with you, even though the bike was just repaired and check before the trip. Knowing how to use those tools and do small repairs is also crucial in this case. Keep the brake pads and oil, clutch and accelerator wire, and chain lubricant with you for a smooth ride. Tire repair kit comes in handy, often. In group tours, only one or two people need to keep these. 


Keep spare keys, not just for a motorcycle but also for motorcycle bags and locks. Don’t keep those in a bag or with other keys, hide them somewhere on the bike or hand it over to your partner. 


Important documents insurance, license, registration, international driving permit, ownership document, insurance at an easy-access location. Get towing service insurance too, just in case and make sure it is for the area you are going and for motorcycles as well. 


Of course, hard and soft money i.e. cash and credit cards are must, exchange money on arrival and do not keep it all in one place. 

Food and Water

Either you will be living in camps or hotel food will go with you. Only for camping, you need more! Snacks and water for the road is a must in either condition. It can take a lot of space if packed with luggage so keep a backpack for these things. Rice, instant noodles, pasta, sauces, spices, spoons, and forks are a must for camping.

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Key essentials that you will need on a motorcycle trip