7 Automotive Dilemmas A Locksmith Can Help You Solve

An auto locksmith provides a vast array of services that helps you out of trouble, such as accidental lockouts and damaged keys. Apart from these, they have professional tools that help ensure a quick and quality response. In many cases, car locksmiths are open to service for 24 hours and all days of the week.   

If you own a car, it’s a must to know the best auto locksmiths in your area. That way, you could easily call for help whenever you’re in trouble with your car doors and locks. If you want to know the problems, that they could help you with. Here’s an article to guide you: 

1. Car Lockouts  

Car lockouts are the most frequent reason why car owners seek auto locksmiths. These could be because of a locked-out person or a left key inside the car. In this case, auto locksmiths could use lockpicks, formed end tweezers, slim jim lock out tool, armored shutters, and jiggler keys.  

Since car lockouts differ from each other, you should choose locksmiths who have enough experience and a wide range of tools. It is also important that the locksmiths know the structure and the different parts of the vehicle.   

If you’re in Seattle, you may visit Blue Sky Locksmith Seattle Washington and other auto locksmiths if you are encounter car lock out problems. In choosing one of them, you may consider the tools they’re using and their experiences in addressing car lockouts and other troubles.  

2. Damaged Door Locks  

Broken door locks are one of the common reasons for lockouts. Generally, fixing these is necessary after opening the lock. Due to natural wear and tear, locks also get damaged, and when this happens, it’s suggested to call for a professional. In this case, an auto locksmith could easily repair a door lock or replace it with a new one if necessary.  

In many cases, the following this are the locksmith services offered in this situation:  

  • Rekeying – This is a process of changing the locking mechanism so that new keys can be used.  
  • Lock Replacement – This is a total replacement of all the parts of the car lock.  
  • Repairs – In this service, a specific part is either replaced or altered so you can use those old keys again.  

If a thief has robbed your car, it’s also advisable to seek locksmith services. This way, all the locks, doors, and trunks could be evaluated. The locksmiths may then suggest needed lock repairs or a complete replacement for damaged parts.   

3. Broken Ignition Cylinder And Key  

Using worn keys or the tearing of threads may damage the ignition key. When this happens, you may have a hard time starting your car. In that case, you may need the help of an auto locksmith. For this purpose, the locksmith could apply any of the following:  

  • Ignition Cylinder Repair And Replacement – If the damage is minimal, the locksmith could just alter the wafers and other malfunctioning parts. However, a cylinder replacement may be necessary if it’s beyond repair.  
  • Ignition Switch Replacement – This refers to the complete replacement of the ignition key parts. This is the usual option if the cylinder replacement doesn’t work.  
  • Rekeying Ignition – This process requires the replacement of some damaged parts and the retainment of the functional components. In many cases, new keys are used after this service.  

4. Lost Car Keys  

If you lose your keys, you need to seek a replacement. An auto locksmith could make a new one based on your ignition cylinder or door lock. You may also ask for key duplication so you’ll have spare keys. If you have a duplicate key, you may not need a car locksmith if you accidentally leave your car keys inside. This way, you will save money, time, and effort.  

5. Damaged Keys  

Natural wear and tear are one of the causes of key damage, usually the threads of the keys are worn out or chipped. Because of this, you couldn’t use them in starting a car or opening and closing a door. It may be best to ask for a key repair or replacement when this happens.   

For more information, here are the kinds of keys that you can use:  

  • Traditional Keys  

Traditional metal keys are easier to replace because they don’t have the intricacies new keys have. Generally, auto locksmiths may only need the key structure to pattern the replacement. In many traditional key replacements, the locksmiths use die punch and other metal cutting machines to craft a new key.  

Even modern cars have traditional car keys used as spare keys with limited purposes. These keys are generally used in opening doors and trunks and for car ignition. However, they lack the special features, such as alarm and remote control, that modern keys have.   

  • Modern Keys  

The replacement may need a rigorous process if you’re using a modern car key. This is because modern car keys are generally composed of a mechanical key, a transponder chip, and remote control. The metal parts are usually repaired by mechanical or laser cutting.   

On the other hand, the transponders have codes specific to your car’s ignition. If this is damaged, you may not be able to start your vehicle. So, you may need a quick replacement. Car locksmiths typically use key reprogramming and advanced key cutting technology for this purpose. However, the process may take time and may cost a big amount of money.   

Apart from these, a damaged remote control may just need battery replacement. When your remote control has a low battery, it may not turn on your car alarm, and you may not open your car doors. You may need a reprogrammed remote control for worse issues that only experienced locksmiths could do.  

6. Locked Trunks  

Typically, this issue is caused by a damaged keyhole or locks. The wear and tear of these components or keys may lead to the trunk’s locking mechanism malfunction. While a spare key makes this trouble easy to solve, there are instances that you couldn’t open the locks with a duplicate key. When this happens, it’s better to call a professional locksmith.  

The degree of difficulty in fixing a locked trunk depends on the car model, and the complexity of its security features. The broken trunks in older cars may be easier to retread because of the simpler mechanisms than modern cars.  

7. Broken Key In An Ignition Or Door Keyhole  

In some cases, keys are broken when inserted and turned in a door or ignition’s keyhole. To extract the cracked key, an auto locksmith may be necessary. They’re generally available anytime, so having a skilled one is just a call away. Car locksmiths use a special tool such as unique, thin pliers in this process.   

Although you could try to remove the key yourself, you may not have the tools and experience to do the process, and you may add damage to the functional components of the locks. You may need to call a local locksmith to help you avoid this, because if the problem worsens, the locksmiths know how to fix further issues.   

Qualities Of An Excellent Car Locksmith  

After knowing the different situations which may prompt you to call an auto locksmith, you may need to identify the qualities of a reliable locksmith. For that purpose, here are the characteristics you should look for before you hire one:  

  • Experience And Certification  

An auto locksmith’s long years of service, provides them the necessary experience, to help them decide which appropriate services are needed in a lockout or key extraction. Apart from this, you may also look for certifications and trainings that the locksmiths may have attended.   

These trainings equipped their new knowledge on key making and repair, especially now that modern cars have more and more complicated parts. One way to determine whether a locksmith is an expert in this field, is to based it in their years of service.  

  • Tool-Savviness  

Excellent locksmiths should possess different tools and knowledge to use them in various situations. They’d be able to make the most out of their tools, and may also have a set of techniques suitable to any lockout emergency.  

  • 24/7 Availability  

Lockouts and other lock issues typically happen in unlikely hours, so it’s suggested that you choose a locksmith who is available 24/7. Furthermore, the locksmith services provider should respond quickly whenever a customer contacts them.  

Wrapping Up  

Auto locksmith services are one of the essential services needed by car owners. If you own a car, you may need to identify an excellent locksmith in your area. You need to have a contact number that you could call, if ever you’ll need a fast and reliable car locksmith.   

In choosing a locksmith, you may refer to customer reviews as these may help narrow down your choices. You may also consider the quality of their services, tools, and experience in selecting which locksmith could attend to your emergency anytime and in any place.  

Author: June McGown