7 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Airline

Are you looking to fly soon but want to fly with the best airline there is? If so, you should know what to look for when choosing an airline when considering your personal needs.

Flying with an airline that fits what you want will leave you with a great flight and you’ll be itching to fly with them again soon. To see what 7 things you should consider when choosing an airline keep reading below.

1. See If They Have Loyalty Programs

Most airlines provide loyalty programs but there are a few that don’t. When choosing an airline you should check and see if they will offer a loyalty program so you can save some money in the future.

When you join an airline’s loyalty program you will have the option to earn points that can later be turned into miles off a flight or cash off your total. This doesn’t mean you have to always fly with them but joining the program can help you to get some exclusive deals and even a better flight experience in some cases.

2. Pay Attention to the Value for Your Money

When looking for a flight for your business trip or vacation it’s important to shop around. You should be researching travel sites and using a few at a time to see what deals pop up. 

If you find a flight for a few hundred dollars cheaper than everywhere else don’t jump on it just yet. If it’s an airline you’ve never flown with you should research references and reviews. You don’t want to try out a new airline to have a horrible experience.

Next, you should see what value you’re getting for your money. If you have to pay for checked bags and carry-ons then the flight for 100 more dollars may be a better deal since bags could be included.

Additionally, you should pay attention to layovers. You don’t want to pay a lot less for longer flight times when you could have paid a little more for a shorter layover. 

3. Make Sure You Can Be Flexible

Having a flexible schedule can be a main factor for getting a good airline and even discounted tickets. If you can have flexibility 1 or 2 days out from your original departure and return date it could help you in the long run.

Nice airlines may be full on weekends but if you can leave a weekday you may get a great seat for a great price. This is even true when it comes to your return date.

4. Think of Seat Design

This may be a small detail to some, but for frequent travelers, a comfortable and roomy seat can be a deciding factor of an airline. Before booking a ticket with an airline you should research their seats to see if they are ideal for you and your travel time.

If you’re a taller person you will want more legroom, especially when the person in front of you lounges back. If you’re going to be on a long flight you’ll want comfy and roomy seats so you can settle in and not be moving constantly trying to get comfortable.

You can see airline seats by checking the airline’s website. They will inform you of the different seats in each class so you can make a decision before dishing out the money for a ticket.

5. Entertainment Can Be a Major Decision Factor

If you’re going to have a flight that’s a few hours long you’ll want some entertainment to make the time go by fast. If you’re traveling with young ones entertainment may be a must to keep them occupied on the flight.

You should consider what entertainment options each airline offers. The entertainment on flights may be something that makes or breaks your decision. 

6. Is Wi-Fi Important to You?

If you’re flying for a business trip you may need to do some last-minute changes or work on a project further. If this is the case you may not be able to risk flying without Wi-Fi. 

Most planes offer Wi-Fi for a cost, other airlines may not offer Wi-Fi at all if they are considered a discount airline. Before deciding on who to fly with think of your needs and take a peek at their website to see what their wireless options are.

7. Customer Service

Lastly, you should be paying attention to the customer service reviews on each airline. When it comes to airlines you can think of them as individual stores, each one has different customer service ratings because no two airlines are alike.

Go ahead and research reviews and forums to see what other travelers have to say about their experiences. This will help you get a better idea of how you’ll be treated and if they are the right airline for you. It may even be worth it to check out what the airline’s DO-178C best practices are.

Now You Know What to Consider Before Choosing an Airline

We have given you the top 7 things you should consider before choosing an airline to fly with. You should assess what your personal needs are and what you want out of your flight and go from there.

From what personal space you will want on your fight to if you will be treated with kindness, we have given you tips on what to research to have an amazing flight. For more transportation tips and information be sure to check out the rest of our website. 

Author: Brandon Park