7 Hacks for Packing Up a Garage for a Residential Move

7 Hacks for Packing Up a Garage for a Residential Move

Packing a garage for relocation is an enormous process that should begin immediately you know the relocation date. Highlight packing your garage as a high-priority item on your moving schedule and do your best to complete it before you’re physically and mentally drained from the rest of the moving preparations.

1. Hand Tools

Keep your smaller hand tools, like hammers, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and so on, in a separate toolbox and close it tightly. If you don’t have a toolbox, utilize sturdy boxes because tools can be rather heavy. Ziplock pouches are perfect for storing minor hardware components that would otherwise get misplaced during the moving process.

The garage packing recommendations provided above will assist you in organizing the clutter in the garage and then packing your possessions properly.

Wrap deadly sharp blades like gardening sheers and knives in bubble wrap, rags, or old towels and bind them with a string or cable ties. Sort long-handled garden tools like hoses, shovels, rakes, and brooms by size and tape or tie them together in a compact bundle.

2. Power Tools

Remove any detachable components, including batteries, from the equipment and pack them separately, ideally in one box as the main body. Then, wrap the power cable around the electric gadget, so it doesn’t tangle with other things during transportation. It’s ideal if you still have the original packaging for your power equipment because it will greatly hasten the packing procedure and increase overall safety. If you don’t have any, seek adequate protective covers to protect them from damage until they arrive at their new home; nevertheless, old towels, bubble wrap, and unused bits of clothing will suffice.

3. Lawn Furniture

Any outdoor furniture should be carefully cleaned before being deconstructed as much as necessary for easier transportation. Remove the cushions from the chairs and arrange them together. After ensuring that they are completely dry, fold parasols or umbrellas and store them in plastic bags or covers.

4. Vehicles

If you will not be driving your own car or motorcycle to your new residence, make arrangements with a professional auto transportation firm to have it prepared and transported.

5. Bicycles

Bikes are often disassembled and packaged in a precise manner before being transported in specialized transportation boxes built exclusively for that purpose. When shipping your bike over long distances by land or air, adequate packaging is essential. However, if your new home is within a reasonable driving distance from your present residence, you can place your bicycle directly into the relocation truck.

6. Barbeque and Grill

If your grill has a propane tank, it cannot be carried onto a moving van irrespective of whether the tank is empty or full; therefore, you should leave it there and purchase a new one for your new home. You also can’t take the coal from your grill with you unless you’re undertaking a DIY relocation, so give it to your neighbors.

7. Planters and Pots

Small ceramic or clay planters should be packed like any other delicate object-individually wrapped with lots of padding. Consult your moving company if you intend to move any large or unusual planters.

The garage packing suggestions provided above will assist you in organizing the clutter in the garage and then packing your possessions properly.

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