7 Reasons Why a Safari Snorkel Is the Perfect Add-On for Your 4×4

Every car enthusiast loves quality accessories for their four-wheel drive. Various retrofits are available in the market to enhance driver experience and car efficiency. If you are looking to accessorize your 4×4, you might want to check out safari snorkels!

Like how swim snorkels work, safari snorkels are a car’s breathing equipment. When trudging through harsh conditions, your vehicle is at risk for damages without installing the proper rigs to support it. So what exactly will a car snorkel do to prevent such? What are its purposes? Here are seven reasons why a safari snorkel is a perfect add-on for your 4×4:

Fuel Efficiency 

Investing in safari snorkels is investing in your car’s optimum performance. In fact, one of its primary functions is to increase fuel efficiency. But how does an external air intake system like a safari snorkel really help extract the most energy from fuel?

Because it is installed at a roof height, the elevated position of a safari snorkel will draw in cleaner and uncontaminated air. The air will then burn the fuel and convert it into energy that allows the car to function. Cleaner and debris-free air will help your engine better process combustion activity, thus leaving no waste of fuel!

Clean and Pure Air

Did you know that a car engine uses thirteen times more air than fuel? The process of combustion occurring in the engine requires oxygen to be able to convert fuel into the very energy that makes the vehicle run. The right safari snorkel will aid the activity by providing air free from dirt and other contaminants.

When driving off-road, it is inevitable to encounter dusty terrains. The number of pollutants in the air could damage your car—dirt, sand, soil, and soot, to name a few. Investing in a safari snorkel could help you travel through harsh environments by funneling clean and pure air into the car’s system.

Engine Performance

Engine performance refers to how well the machine produces output from combustion. As previously mentioned, oxygen is integral in converting fuel into kinetic energy. Obtaining cleaner air will then optimize engine work, as there are fewer contaminants to disrupt the process. 

The primary purpose of safari snorkels is to reduce air pollutants by drawing in cleaner and cooler oxygen from an elevated position. It prevents clogging, which, if left unattended, could increase gas emissions and fuel consumption. Not only will it hinder the car’s performance, but it will also contribute to air pollution.

Engine Protection

Contaminants and pollutants could wreak havoc on your engine. You do not want particles like dust and sand clogging the machine to the point of irreversible damage. If you do not have much money lying around to buy a new one, protect your engine by installing a safari snorkel. 

Help your car breathe better and cleaner air by installing an external air intake system in the form of a safari snorkel. The equipment is designed to eliminate damaging microparticles, prevent them from entering the internal system, and protect the engine from overall damage. 


Think ahead against any possible damages and invest in a safari snorkel. It will do your car good by reducing wear and tear and lessening maintenance costs. But how exactly does the equipment help in proper car upkeep?

As the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure. The same could apply to vehicle care. Precautions like investing in practical accessories could lessen your trips to the repair shop. For cleaner air and dirt-free air filters, purchase a safari snorkel now!

Against Rough Driving Conditions

Take the car engine as you would the human lungs. If you submerge it in water, it will not be able to breathe too. Besides crossing deep waterways, several rough driving conditions such as snow, hail, and muddy, dirty roads could also result in grave engine failure.

A safari snorkel would be the perfect accessory to help your car tread into challenging territories. It will lessen the risk of sustaining any damage from extreme natural forces outside one’s control. As it is built mainly against air pollutants, a safari snorkel will ensure a cleaner, safer ride in any external conditions.

More Adventurous Rides

The tame highways are no challenge compared to the rugged trails and varying landscapes off-road. If you like a good challenge, off-roading might be tempting. But first, make sure to invest in proper car accessories before going out to the unknown!

Safari snorkels are the perfect add-ons for more adventurous and daring rides. If you want to hit the dirt or the rivers, an external air intake system will promote better performance, from drawing cleaner air down to fuel efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Off-roads are full of surprises. The raging waters of the rivers and the roughness of the terrains make driving off-road unpredictable. Your car could sustain several damages without the right accessories. So better be proactive and invest in add-ons such as a safari snorkel for a safer, smoother ride!

Author: Doug