8 Best Tips for Choosing a Nice Car for College

Enrolling in college can present a plethora of changes in students’ lives. Many students have to relocate to new areas to study in the colleges of their choice. In most cases, student dormitories are not within the same area as the college itself.  As such, moving around becomes the most significant issue that students need to take care of before lessons begin. 

You may be wondering how to handle this issue. Public transport may not be the ideal option for you. Using an Uber is costly. And, hitching a ride with schoolmates is not as easy, especially in a new environment.  

There is a solution to this issue, which is getting your own mode of transport. You may resort to moving around on a bicycle or a motorcycle. But, the most efficient means of moving around is a car.

If you are a first-time car buyer, you may not know what to look for in a car or how to get the best deal. Even if you went along with a screwdriver- any of those popular Promotional Screwdrivers ready to check the engine yourself, you may not spot any flaws until the car breaks on you. We have concocted a list of eight tips that will help you choose the perfect car for college. Read on to discover how to buy a car that best suits your needs. 

1. Buy a Used Car

Buying a new vehicle that is fresh out of the showroom is an attractive option. But, as ideal as this may seem, it is a costly purchase. As a student, buying a brand new vehicle will drain your finances. You can avoid this major hit to the wallet by buying a used car.

 Look for a car that is more than three or four years old. After this period, a vehicle’s value depreciates, and you can then buy it at a lower price. Further, the insurance cost for a used vehicle is cheaper, which reduces the costs of owning a used vehicle. 


2. Save up for the Car You Want to Buy

Many individuals do not think that saving up is an effective strategy to buy a vehicle. Instead, they depend on bank loans, which is not a wise option for a college student. Having to repay a loan, as well as making tuition payments, is almost impossible. So, ensure that you save enough money that will enable you to buy a decent vehicle. 

To save up for the car you desire, you may need to find part-time employment and focus less on your studies.

3. Buy a Car from a Dealer and Pay Smart

The best way to buy a car is to buy it from a certified car dealer. Here is why:

  • Care dealers must follow “implied warranty” laws,
  • Car dealers let you trade in your old vehicle,
  • Dealers sell “Certified Pre-Owned”  cars, which are less likely to have issues, 
  • Dealers give you various financing options. 

After identifying the car you want to buy from a dealer, you need to pay smart.. If you can pay cash for a vehicle, you are getting a superior deal. If you cannot pay cash at the present moment, hold off on buying a vehicle until you have enough money. 

Do not finance a car unless you have to. If you finance a car through a dealer, you will get a higher interest rate. This is because banks give dealers “finder’s commission,” which increase your interest rate. Instead, go the bank yourself and get your own interest rate. 


4. Determine How Much You Can Spend Monthly

Your indebtedness level and your monthly commitment are not the same things. If you are a first-time buyer, neither one of these should be out of balance compared to your other assets. You need to establish how much money you can spend so that your indebtedness level, monthly commitment, and other assets do not clash. 

To increase how much you are financing, you will need to look for a part-time job. Working and going to school can be daunting. As such, you can ask a professional writer to “do my essay for me.” This will free up your time, and you can concentrate on other responsibilities. 

5. Determine and Prioritize Your Wants

The first car is not the car that you will have for your entire life. Despite this, you need to focus on your want list as this is not a yearly process. It is wiser to stretch your wallet a bit for the features you want in a car. 

There is no need for you to settle for a car that does not satisfy your wants only because you want to save a few dollars. If you do this, you will experience buyer’s remorse before you leave the dealership. If buying the car you want will cost you $30 per month more, spend it and stop ordering in. 

6. Buy a Fuel-Efficient Car

Many students wonder, “What car should I buy?” Well, when looking for a car to buy, you must look for a model that is fuel-efficient. In modern society, fuel prices often increase and decrease with the price of oil. This can affect your budget. Thereby, you should avoid cars that burn gas like it is water. 

7. Ensure that You Examine Everything Before You Buy a Car

Whether you are buying a new or used car, you must ensure that everything is working well before you hand over your money. 

Take the car for a test drive. Check the transmission to confirm that it is working well. Check for smells; is there a lingering stench in the car? Examine the body panel color to ensure that that they are all the same color. If you are not an expert, have a friend or relative with expertise tag along. Doing all these will help you get the best first car.  

Examining a car is a time-consuming task, and it can cause you to neglect your studies for days on end. To avoid having your assignments pile up, you can resort to essay writing services offered by https://resumethatworks.com/executive-resume-writer. As experts are working on your assignments, you can examine your car with ease. 


8. Ask for Advice from your Friends and Family and Try to Negotiate with the Seller. 

If you are not an experienced driver and you do not know what constitutes a great car, consult someone with enough experience. This could be your friend or family, and they can help you make the perfect choice. You can also look at referral cars reviews to see which vehicles have positive or negative reviews. Doing this will you know which cars you should avoid and which cars should be on your radar.

Car dealerships are always looking to secure a deal. Even though a dealership is offering a car for a reasonable price, you can negotiate and get them to knock the price down. Negotiate – it will save you some few dollars.

Final Word

There you have it. Above are the tips you need to follow to buy a nice car in college. If you follow these tips, you will find the perfect car that suits your needs. You will also get the best deal possible and get to move around with ease. 


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