8 Signs It’s Time to Consider Repaving the Parking Lot


Traffic and parking-fees cumulatively account for more than 45% of the total cost of vehicle ownership in the United States. With the level of exorbitance surrounding parking fees in most American cities, having a parking lot dedicated to your customers is an added advantage for your business. Repaving the parking lot adjacent to your business can be a significant incentive to your customers.

With businesses going all out to enhance their competitive edge, it’s the little things that will make the difference. A well-maintained parking space is one such added advantage. But is repaving the parking lot a good idea? 

These eight signs are the surest indicator that your parking needs a retouch.

1. Visible Cracks 

Having a parking lot for your business is a perfect idea, but no one looks forward to a bumpy parking experience. Visible cracks on your parking are unsightly. They also put the quality of customers’ car tires at risk.

If you have noticed visible cracks on your parking lot in recent times, it may be time for a revamp. With such visible cracks, the risk of deepening with time is high. It would help if you considered calling in a parking lot maintenance specialist to begin the process of a facelift. 

2. Large Potholes 

Does your parking lot have more potholes than parking slots? This could be a sign that you need to consider repaving the parking lot. Potholes are the clearest indicator that your parking lot has seen better days. While potholes can cause immense danger to cars visiting your business, most business owners are reluctant to take the necessary steps.

The situation gets murkier during rainy seasons when pools of water form, creating an eyesore around your establishment. Don’t flinch, though. There are lasting parking lot repair options you can consider. One such option would be a complete parking lot resurfacing to minimize recurrent repairs. 

3. The Painted Lines Are No Longer Visible 

Your parking lot is a reflection of your business. Often, the picture painted is that of chaos and disorder. If the lines that demarcate the parking slots are no longer visible, you may need to consider a makeover. 

Poorly marked parking lots can pose safety hazards. This has been notable in the past where accidents and confusion are the order of the day in spaces where demarcations are no longer visible. 

Parking lot striping can be your saving grace in such instances.  You may need to consider the services of an expert with the capacity to repaint the parking lot markings professionally. If your parking is well-striped, the marks can last longer and enhance order.

4. If the Paved Surface Is Uneven

Have you noted a specific part of the parking lot that seems to form a larger puddle than the rest of the parking space whenever it rains? Such observation may be an indicator of an uneven parking surface. Unfortunately, with an uneven surface, you don’t realize how bad the situation is until the rains start pounding.

If you want to keep your customer’s happy all year round, dealing with that uneven surface may be a matter of urgency. You only need to call in an asphalt contractor, who can level up the parking space and solve your predicament.

5. The Walkways and Curb Work Are in a Sorry State 

Nothing stands out more obviously than bad parking lot curbing. Your customers will often form a first impression based on the state of the curb work. Your curb appeal is determined mainly by the state of your exterior.

Take a look at your curb work and the walkways around the parking lot. Do they reflect what you stand for as a business? If no, it is time to focus on investing in a makeover.

Sidewalks can suffer destruction over time due to weather and human traffic.  Curb work, on the other hand, may be affected due to constant impact from cars causing tire marks. If you’ve not paid attention to the sidewalks and the curb work lately, it may be time to focus a little more on your curb appeal.

6. If You Notice Sun Damage 

A freshly paved parking lot is attractive and a beauty to behold. But over time, as the parking endures hot summers, you’ll notice that the newly revamped parking lot starts to fade. The surface may become lighter even as you begin to see instances of discoloration in specific parts of the parking space.

The sun rays are responsible for such damage. As the seasons change, your parking may become an eyesore as patches of non-uniform parking surface scream out. If this description matches your parking space’s current state, then it’s time for a revamp.

7. You Need to Consider Repaving the Parking Lot If You Notice Dents or Divots 

Have you noted peculiar dents and divots in your parking lot over time? These may be a result of heavy vehicles and trucks, especially if such trucks park in one specific slot for a long time.  If your business premise deals with bulky products that require transportation through trailers, then dents and divots may be a constant concern.

If you have noted such issues, you may need to repave the parking lot to avoid further damage to the surfaces. Considering that you cannot limit the types of vehicles that park within the slots, the next best option would be to revamp the entire parking. 

Dents and divots may require that you treat the asphalt with sealant. The approach will ensure that the paving remains resilient even in the wake of harsh seasons and impact from incoming traffic.

8. Assess the Incoming Traffic 

Slow traffic into your business is not always about poor service from your employees. At times, declining customer interest may be due to other factors such as poorly maintained parking areas. No customer wants to end up with a flat tire because of a dilapidated parking lot. 

If you’ve noted fewer cars parked on your lot in recent times, repaving your parking space may be a matter of urgency.

Your Parking Lot Is Your Business’ First Impression so Make It Worthwhile

Before your customers meet your courteous employees, their first contact with your enterprise is the parking lot. 

If your parking space is chaotic and neglected, then that’s the first image they develop about the business. Repaving the parking lot can help you create a lasting positive impression of your business.  

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