A Quick Guide to Getting Ready for Moving Day

History has found on multiple occasions that humans are naturally nomadic – in other words, we like to move around. That couldn’t be less true today, as even though we now have cities, we find ourselves in situations that strongly encourage us to move out. Just as people in prehistoric times would move out in search of food, propel today move their homes and businesses to new locations in search of better opportunities.

Moving to a new home or office, however, is not a simple process. A successful move requires a lot of planning and preparation for many weeks or even months before the actual moving day. And even though removalists in Perth will be able to help you on moving day, most of the preparation will be up to you. With that in mind, here is a helpful list of things to do to prepare for the big move.

Preparing at Home

As soon as you’ve set the date, the clock starts ticking for you to have everything packed and ready for the removal company to move them to your new location. If you haven’t set an appointment yet, it would be a good idea to have a good amount of lead time so you can have everything set properly and without much time pressure.

The first thing you would want to do is to plan out your move, picking out which of the furniture and fixtures you want to carry over to your new place. Now would also be a great time to dig through your closets, cabinets, and drawers to find the stuff that you don’t want to keep. More often than not, you will eventually find a lot of things that you’ve either forgotten about or just gave up on finding, as well as mail, receipts, utility bills, and other loose papers. Business owners would want to give particular attention to the latter and make sure to have them properly stored and labelled so you don’t lose track of them once you move in to the new location. Whether or not you want to keep them is a pretty easy question to ask, but it’s always important to have an area or two set aside so you can eventually set up a yard or garage sale to pass them to the loving hands of a new owner or a local charity.

With your items all in check, the next step would be to shift your schedule to seamlessly fit in your moving day. Any good removalist service will have no trouble moving your things any day of the week, so the key here is to make sure you leave ample time for you to take a breather as you unpack in your new address.

Preparing the Destination

Once you’ve prepared all of your things back at home base, it would be a good time to start preparing your new location for your arrival. You would want to re-route any ongoing newspaper and magazine subscriptions, as well as any incoming deliveries or in-transit mail, to your new location or the nearest post office so you can pick them up later once you’ve settled in to your new location. You should also tie up loose ends with other recurring bills, especially that of utilities. As you will be moving to a new location, you should make sure that electricity and water are up and running at your destination so all of your fixtures can be installed. If you depend on WiFi in your home – who doesn’t? – be sure to ring up your internet service provider or ISP and have your internet connection cut in your old home and ready to install in your new one on moving day.

The Big Day

With everything all set, all that is left now is the day of the big move. Of course, the job is far from over at this point. As most of the heavy lifting will be handled by your local furniture removalists in Perth, your task is to make sure your stuff is loaded onto the truck quickly, smoothly, and efficiently; with that in mind, you will be there to guide the removalists to and around your home or office so the movers will not have any trouble getting your stuff loaded up. Upon arriving at your new location, you will also be doing much of the same, guiding the movers around the new location and having your stuff arranged in such a way that ensures smooth movement and unloading.

As every home or business owner who has moved locations before, moving can be a stressful process, and is even more so for first-timers. But by following these tips and properly preparing for the big move, you can move into your new home or office easily and safely.

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A Quick Guide to Getting Ready for Moving Day