A Travel Guide to Dubai


Dubai is a city that includes the old and the new. It has a conservative culture having old-world customs whilst having modern skyscrapers and facilities. There is so much that one can do in the city. It is a fascinating and multicultural city that should be explored when you have the opportunity to do so, 60 Days Abu Dhabi Tourist Visa.

The following is a brief travel guide to Dubai:

When to go to Dubai

Dubai tends to be hot across the year, however, the winter is a good time to visit the country. The mornings and evenings in the desert are much cooler so you can pack a sweater with you.

If you visit Dubai during winter, you can experience the Dubai Shopping Festival as well. This occurs in January every year. There are amazing deals, live entertainment, as well as raffles, 48 Hours Transit Visa. Plan your trip in the months from November to February if you want to go when it is winter.

You need to know at this time there will be a rush of tourists as most people like to visit Dubai during winter so that they can take part in indoor and outdoor activities such as Abu Dhabi city tour.

How to behave in Dubai

Despite being a modern city, there are some rules which everyone needs to follow when in Dubai. You should dress modestly. People no doubt wear anything that they want, but it is better to cover your shoulders as well as knees so that you can show respect. If you want to visit any Mosque, you should dress modestly.

It is better to also avoid public displays of affection and getting drunk in public. There are some licensed places where you can drink, however.

Dubai is generally a safe city, also for solo female travelers. The currency in the country is the United Arab Emirates Dirham. The language spoken is Arabic but many people even speak English.

Visas to Dubai

There are different tourist visas that you can get for dubai. This includes the 30, 60, and 90 Days Dubai Visa Within The Country. You should get the visa according to how many days you want to spend in it. You will apply to this via the approved airlines you are traveling with, the hotel you are staying in, or a travel agent.

Getting around the city

There are many ways to travel within UAE. You can go by train, bus, taxi, and even use a car service. You can try out the Abra which is a traditional wooden boat that travels through some areas like between the Bur Dubai areas as well as the Deira area.

If you are planning to go to UAE, you should plan your travel carefully so that you can enjoy yourself. You can get help from a Cheap Dubai Visa for instance. It is important to follow the rules in the country. Make sure that you do not overstay your visit because there will be a daily fine for this. You can apply for a visa extension if you want to stay for more days in the country.

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