All You Need To Know About Windscreen Care

Cars have become part of everyday life in the 21st century.  They are useful to help take children to school, get us to work, and facilitate a person’s day-to-day transportation requirements.  To ensure that your needs are met, it is important that you take care of the car at all times by checking the air pressure, the fluid levels, and having the vehicle serviced on a regular basis.  One issue that is constantly overlooked is the maintenance of car windows, despite being highly important. Below are five top methods to keep your car windows in top condition.

  1.  Keep The Windows Clean

It is essential that the car windshield remains clean at all times.  In fact, quality of vision is vital to the driver and the best way to maintain a high quality of vision is to keep the windshield clean.  The best method for cleaning a windshield is by using a baby wipe to clean the outside and inside of the glass. This will ensure a streak-free and spotless clean at all times.  Do not use paper towels to clean the glass as this can result in paper being left on the windshield. You should also consider using a microfiber cloth to clean the outer area of the glass.  Traditional squeegee mops with warm water and detergent is an older-fashioned option to clean windshields.

  1.  Taking Care Of The Windscreen Wipers

Taking care of the wipers is as significant as cleaning the windscreen and car windows.  It is important to clean the wipers whenever cleaning the windshield of the vehicle. The best method of cleaning the wiper blades is using a slightly dampened cloth.  This will help remove dirt build-up and grime and eliminate the annoying squeak caused by dirty wiper blades. A windshield can be kept in a top-notch condition by using this technique.

  1.  Removing Water Spots

Water spots will remain for several days after washing the car and if left untreated, the water spots can cause damage to the windshield.  By using a high-quality glass polish, you can remove these water spots. Be sure to apply the polish with an approved applicator and utilize a microfiber cloth to remove any excess glass polish.

  1.  Dealing With A Chip Or Crack

Windshields are exposed to rocks, gravel, debris, and various outdoor hazards when driving the car.  The hazards can result in cracks or chips on the windshield. If a crack or chip is experienced, the damage must be taken seriously because even the smallest damage can be a safety risk when not dealt with in a timely manner. According to Don’s Mobile Glass by taking the vehicle to an autoglass repair service, the problem can be prepared before it worsens and the life of the windscreen can be prolonged.

  1.  Care For The Rear Windscreen

The majority of drivers ignore the rear windshield, but the rear windscreen requires as much attention as the front windshield.  Cracks or chips on the rear window require immediate attention as with the front windshield. This is significant to prolong the lifespan of the glass. 

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Author: Brandon Park