Arrived in Charles De Gaulle? The best ways to get from the airport to Paris

Spring is officially here and many people around the world are booking (or thinking of) their summer holidays abroad, and what better place to go than the wonderful, romantic, and sophisticated city of Paris? No matter what age, what your interests are, or even your budget, there’s something for everyone in the city of love. However, one thing that many people have issues with is their transport from Charles De Gaulle airport to Paris. So, have you thought about how you’re going to travel from the airport to the city? If not, check out these great ways of travelling that you might not have thought of!

Airport transfer

Let’s start with the option that’s going to get you there as quickly as possible – an airport transfer service! If you book using a company such as Welcome Pickups, you can expect:

  • An English speaking driver, saving any communication breakdown and an easier ride for all parties involved.
  • 24/7 service lines to inform them of any changes to your booking such as an extra person being transported.
  • Flight tracking so that if your flight is delayed or even due to arrive earlier than planned, your driver will be there ready so that you don’t have to wait around at the airport.
  • A fixed fee upon booking meaning no hidden fees, even at peak times like bank holidays, weekends and nights.
  • Arriving at your accommodation in 40 minutes or less, meaning that you can concentrate on getting on with your holiday!


Charles De Gaulle also has a bus service that runs through it, meaning that catching a bus to Paris is another option to consider. For around €23, you can travel straight from the airport to the city. However, you should check how far your accommodation is from the bus station in Paris so that you’re not lugging your suitcases for a long time! With buses running from 5 am until 4.30 am and every 20 minutes, you won’t ever have to wait too long to get the next bus! The journey lasts around 80 minutes so if you’re in a hurry, this might not be the right option for you!


There’s also a train that runs through Charles De Gaulle that runs between the times of 5 am and midnight each day that goes straight to Paris. Again, with a lowly price of around €20 and trains running every 20 minutes you won’t be waiting around. Unless of course, your flight lands within the times they aren’t running. Perhaps you could do some duty-free shopping? It might also be worth noting how far away the train station is in Paris from your accommodation to make sure you don’t have a long way to walk! With a journey of 50 minutes, you should arrive in Paris in good time!


Much like an airport transfer, another option to consider would be hopping in a taxi. The great thing about taxis is that they can drop you right outside your accommodation at the same sort of timing as an airport transfer would. However, there is some faux pas that might be worth noting:

  • You may not get an English speaking driver, which could make communication difficult and getting to your destination a more stressful experience.
  • Taxis have peak time fares, so if you’re travelling at the weekend, a bank holiday, or even at night you will be paying more for your journey.
  • There might not be any taxis available when you land, meaning you might have to wait for one to show up, or try and find a taxi service nearby to book with.
  • Taxi drivers will often take you on the longest route to make the most money from you.

However, as mentioned, taxi service is a fast and convenient way of travelling!


Finally, if you’ve just flown to Charles De Gaulle, there’s a high chance that many other passengers on board are going to be heading in your direction. It might be worth looking for a coach service that is dropping people off on the way and through the city. Again, find out where your drop off point is to see if you need to arrange further transport to get to your accommodation!

As you can see, there are many different modes of travel to consider when travelling from CDG to Paris. All you need to do is choose your budget, time limit, and preference!

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Arrived in Charles De Gaulle? The best ways to get from the airport to Paris