Australia’s Best Motorcycle Routes

Australia is a beautiful country to tour by motorcycle. Whether you’re travelling down urban roads or country landscapes, you’ll be astonished by the breathtaking views surrounding the highways. Today we’ll highlight some of the best motorcycle routes in Australia.

Whether you prefer to take a quiet ride filled with stops at wineries or a more thrilling trip along the coast, read on to find the perfect route for your next adventure.

The Oxley Highway from Wauchope to Walcha

This motorcycle route is a great trip if you are in the mood for a bit of a thrill. Along the 165km ride, you’ll be challenged by roads with sharp turns and then rewarded with a trip through a rainforest. You’ll be surrounded by tall trees and wildlife of all types. 

Not many people frequent this route, so you will likely have most of the road to yourself! In terms of the right season for this trip, late spring or early summer is ideal because of the warm temperatures. Try to stay in this time frame to avoid the rainy season.

Kangaroo Valley – Southern Highlands

The route through Kangaroo Valley is a great adventure for those who love watching waterfalls. While there are multiple routes for motorcycles in Kangaroo Valley, the one that goes by the Macquarie Pass will give you a view of a breathtaking 822m waterfall. 

The waterfall is not the only breathtaking part of the trip. The route to the waterfall is a single lane road that’s full of twists and turns. There’s even a place to stop for pie along the way.

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Oxley Highway

This is perhaps the most famous motorcycle route in the country. It is loved because of its many twists and turns. The twists and turns on this road are so wild that you can even purchase a t-shirt that reads “300 bends” to remind you of the experience.

This route will take you on long stretches through mountainsides and provide you with views of the luscious rainforests throughout New South Wales.

Strahan to Derwent Bridge

Anywhere in Tasmania is a great place to ride, but if you want to experience something unique, start at the Strahan located on the West Coast. Travelling along the A10 to Queenstown is a nice little trip. 

Once you have made it to Queenstown, you can continue to Derwent Bridge. This trip is filled with long and open stretches of highway that are perfect for riders of any level. So whether you’re new to riding or already have a few years of riding under your belt, we highly recommend this trip.

The Putty Road

The Putty Road is another motorcycle route that has become quite famous among bikers in Australia. This route will take you on a journey along Sydney’s western edge. Some have even described this as a motorcycling heaven. 

You’ll see two national parks on either side of the route. This is the route for those looking for a peaceful trip. If you are craving a little more thrill, head to the northern end of this route, here, you’ll find a ten-mile slice of road that will allow you to test your motorcycle’s top speeds and enjoy the thrill of the ride.

The Great Ocean Road

If the ocean is calling you, this is the perfect trip to take. You’ll embark on a route that is 120 km from Torquay to Glenaire. You’ll pass the Twelve Apostles which is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. So you may find yourself sharing the road with busloads tourists along the route. It really just depends on the time of day you choose to visit. 

If you’re discouraged by busy roads, there’s a variety of back roads that you can take. These back roads lead to glorious coastal towns that are full of charm. Whether you choose to ride along the coast or explore a little coastal town, this trip is full of beautiful sights.

Adelaide Hills

This route is a little more on the rural side. It starts at Golden Grove and ends in the nearby Tea Tree Gully in Adelaide. You’ll see stretches of the countryside on either side of the road on this trip. 

Whenever you’re ready for a break, you can always stop by one of the many cafes, restaurants, or even wineries along the route. You’ll find food and drinks that are so delicious that you may forget you’re actually on a motorcycle trip!Discover Harley-Davidson® bags, luggage, and racks for your next trip available at Harleyheaven.com.au.

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Australia’s Best Motorcycle Routes