Five Weird Reasons You May Get a Traffic Ticket

Driving is commonly associated with the risk of violating traffic laws. Usually, drivers get stopped by the police, informed of their traffic offenses, and charged. Yet, it is not uncommon for you to get stopped by a police officer and be issued a traffic citation for utterly bizarre reasons. Consequently, getting such a ticket causes mental disturbances regarding how to take on the indictment with minimal or no implications for your future driving chances.

It would be best if you understood the odd reasons that could see you ticketed to lessen the chance of facing such charges. Yet, suppose you inevitably receive a traffic ticket and wish to understand the charges, the possible legal options, and the due process. In that case, you can contact an experienced traffic ticket lawyer near you.

1.   Using Cell Phones While Driving

Laws in some US states allow motorists to use cell phones while driving as long as they utilize special handset holders. Other state laws entirely outlaw cell phone usage behind the wheel. The efforts are tailored to eradicate distracted driving by motorists. The resulting state law paradox could be a weird reason you might unknowingly get a traffic ticket.

2.   Suspicion of Driving Under the Influence

Although bizarre, reservations regarding your state of soberness could see you get a traffic ticket. Common mistakes like wavering when driving or missing road signs could cause suspicion of DUI. Missing a stop sign or failing to fasten your seat belt is a probable cause for DUI suspicion.

As a tired motorist, you may fail to notice such issues when driving. The traffic ticket may, therefore, come as a surprise to you. Experienced traffic ticket attorneys offer a wealth of experience in strategic case analysis. These experts can objectively evaluate your case to defend you against the ticket.

3.   Slow Driving

While exceeding the speed limit gets you a traffic ticket, driving slowly can get you fined.

Bizarre right?

In the state of New Jersey, you could get a traffic ticket for driving too slowly to the point of causing a traffic blockade. Statute 39:4-971 of the State Law of New Jersey specifies that while driving in the left lane, you should keep up with the traffic speeds, especially on the freeway. You could be fined up to $ 300 in New Jersey for slow driving, whether or not you were familiar with such a legal policy.

If indicted for slow driving, you should embark on expert consultation with a traffic ticket attorney. Expert input would help guide you on taking on traffic ticket charges for driving slowly to avoid additional insurance charges.

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4.   Attempting to Drive Your Way from an Accident Scene

You could get a traffic ticket for attempting to drive hurriedly past an accident scene. Even though you may not have been involved in the accident, driving past such a scene raises suspicions.

Driving hastily in such a scene could endanger the rescuer’s wellbeing. Irrespective of how busy you could be, driving hurriedly past an accident scene could weirdly get you a traffic ticket.

5.   Failing to Stop for Pedestrians in a Crosswalk

You could be issued a traffic ticket for failing to stop for passersby in a crosswalk. You may be unfamiliar with a particular state or city’s road network system and regulations. In such cases, traffic police could ticket you for driving in bike lanes. Contacting a traffic ticket lawyer improves your chance to fight against the indictment successfully.


Traffic tickets are commonly penalties for speeding, reckless driving, or citations for one’s role in a road accident. Strangely, you could be penalized for using a cell phone while driving and for DUI suspicion.

If you drive slowly in New Jersey, traffic police could ticket you. When facing such bizarre charges, you should consult a traffic ticket lawyer to prepare you sufficiently and guide you on the most fitting course of action.

Author: Mike