Automotive and Car Repair Franchises In The UK

British drivers are known for the longest time to take pride in their vehicles. They spend approximately 21.1 billion British pounds every year to service and maintain their cars. This is according to a report published by the Motor Manufacturers and Traders Society. If this figure is anything to go by, then British Cars appear to be the best maintained in the word.

Car and automotive repair franchise opportunities in the UK

This is the industry that fuels success for more than 42,500 vehicle service as well as repair ventures of all forms and sizes throughout the UK. In case you want to carve a share of this huge UK vehicle after sales market, what would be the best way to guarantee a profitable growth?

The best way to do this is to start your business as a franchise model from a company that has already made huge steps into the vehicle repair market. This should be a business type that freely lends itself to franchising. Elaborate brand names often offer the kudos for their long-standing reputation, their equipment deals and operating procedures to support local communities as well as ambitious entrepreneurs. The choice you’ll make on the parent company will be dictated by your area of specialization and interest, ranging from MOT centers and full-service garages to tyres and paintwork.

The main automotive manufacturers don’t restrict specific aftermarket businesses that service and repair their car models, and cap this by offering training to preferential parts deals. Interestingly, there are other garages that operate a multi-franchise partnership. There are also partnerships that focus on a selected part of car repair and maintenance.

Building a huge customer base and keeping it confident in your service should be your first priority in the car and automotive repair business. Bearing a franchise with a big brand name can be your best advert and will help you in winning more potential clients.

Forms of car repair franchises

Car repair franchises fall majorly into 2 categories. First, there’s the traditional workshop-based model, and the second model is the mobile repair work. The latter entails fixing superficial damage and other mechanical problems.


Costs vary for the start-up cost and franchises fee. There’s definitely a huge difference between a workshop based business and the mobile business. However, the figures can also vary depending on the package you choose. Visit https://www.pointfranchise.co.uk/I-150-garage-car-repair-franchise/ for more information.

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Automotive and Car Repair Franchises In The UK