How To Avoid Restraining Order Violations

Facing a restraining order situation can lead to frustration and confusion regarding what to do next.

The key to supporting your case is not to violate the order. If you do, it can land you in more difficulty. Sometimes, this can feel like a challenging thing to do, but if you can stay calm and remember a few things, it can benefit your situation tremendously.

Here are some of the simple tips that we recommend for how to avoid restraining order violations.

Delete Contact Details

Make sure your attorney has everything they need, but when they do it can be advisable to delete certain phone numbers to avoid the temptation to make a call.

Even something as innocent as accidentally dialing can land you in more trouble. The same goes for social media. You should delete and block any party relating to the restraining order in social media.

Any form of contact that you can think of, emails and phone records where you can retrieve information, should be removed.

Avoid The Area Where They Live

If you know that they shop at a certain supermarket, it’s best to choose a different one.

Accidental meetings can be emotional and can lead to you forgetting the advice of your attorney and loved ones. Try your best to stay away from the places that they might frequent.

Under no circumstances should you go near their home at this time, so a small bit of planning can help you to avoid being put in jail.

Keep Your Protection Order On You

You may even want to make a copy to keep in your car.

If the police question whether or not you’ve violated the order, it’s good to have your protection order on you. These orders differ from person to person, so they could be making an assumption that is avoidable.

Consult Your Attorney

At Paulylawoffice.com we always make ourselves available to you.

If you have a question about your restraining order and want to make sure that something you’re planning doesn’t get you in trouble, call us first.

As with any lawyer, you should feel comfortable enough to be able to consult them, especially when it comes to sensitive cases like restraining orders.

Pay The Bills

Some orders will involve the regular payment of bills, even if you are asked to leave the home.

To avoid violating the order, it is important that you still make the payments, whether these are related to rent, insurances, child expenses, and more.

Keep To Visitation Rules

As hard as it is when children are involved, you must keep to the rules relating to visiting them in the order.

The time you can spend with your children can become even more restricted if you do not stay within these rules and avoid any further issues; it is best to adhere to them.

Because they are so emotionally challenging, restraining orders can be hard to keep to. Remember to speak to your attorney at any point if you’re finding things challenging, or have any questions.

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How To Avoid Restraining Order Violations