Simple Techniques to Fix an iTunes Error

Probably every iPhone user at some point encountered unfamiliar errors, in particular, e.g. error 3194. This error usually “crashes” after an attempt to restore or update iOS on the iPhone, and immediately notice that it is not critical and is solved within a few minutes, although it is capable of twitching nerves to an inexperienced user. Therefore, if you are already going to run to the service center, then it is better to “hold your horses” and read this article. By following our instructions, we are sure that a previously unknown error will lag behind you, and with the subsequent occurrence, you can quickly deal with it.

We solve the problem in various ways.

There are many ways that we will discuss to eliminate this error, but first of all, we recommend using the first method, which in our opinion is the most relevant and simple. But you can check following formula and so on through the list.

  1. 1. There is at the same time the easiest and most effective way to work it right away – this is an iTunes update. To update, you need to launch it, select the “Help” menu and click on the “Update” subitem there. After that, the program will check for the latest version and will offer to install it. After updating the aytons, try again to do the operation that caused your error 3194. In most cases, after updating the application, the error disappears.
  2. 2. Rule the hosts’ file. First, you need to disconnect your iPhone (or other Apple device) from your computer and close iTunes not detecting iPhone. If you do not complete this item, then all the work done can be sent “to the cat’s tail.” Next, you need to find the hosts file itself, which is usually located for Windows OC along the path “C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \, etc \ hosts”.

We find it and open it using a text editor with administrator rights on Windows OS. After that, using the search in the editor, you need to find the line If it exists, then it is precisely this that blocks access of the aytyuns to the Internet, and if it does not exist, then the problem lies in something that you have not yet known.

Sometimes there can be situations when, after deleting a line, it is impossible to save the hosts file. In this case, copy the all the contents of the data without this link and paste it into a new record. Call out as well as the old file, and upload it to the folder above. The source file does not have an extension (like your text document), and when you are asked to replace the record, you must agree. Now connect back to the computer and perform the actions that led to the error 3194.

  1. 3. The third method involves the use of third-party applications to perform manipulations with the hosts’ file. We recommend using the Tiny Umbrella program, which can be downloaded from the link (links to download programs are usually located in the sidebar). Download the application, install it and run. We are looking for the “Advanced” tab in it, where it is necessary to uncheck “Set Hosts to Cydia on Exit,” which will remove the ability to connect Cydia servers to the aytyuns. Now we are again operating (repairing/updating iOS on the iPhone), which provoked the appearance of error 3194.


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Simple Techniques to Fix an iTunes Error