Best camping supplies to take four-wheel driving in Australia

If you are planning on going camping with your 4wd drive, there are some supplies you must have in handy. An off-road adventure can be an excellent way to enjoy nature’s beauty. There are certain things you have to carry along to make your trip worthwhile. 

One thing you need to know about the 4wd drive is that it has a maximum load-carrying capacity. You have to make sure you do not go past this capacity. There is no much space available so you should only carry the things that you will need- the basics. Here are some items you need to pack on your 4wd drive for the outdoor camping.

Safety and survival

You must carry a first aid kit – they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. You have to make sure it has the important items. The items you should put in your first aid kit are alcohol swabs, adhesive tape, antiseptic ointment, band-aids, cold pack, burn aid gel, snake bite kit, disposable gloves, small flashlight, plastic bags, and medications. For your safety, you need to carry flashlights, fire extinguishers, safety glasses, tarp, matches, and flares.  A good rifle – nothing too heavy, something in the category of AR-10 rifles, to be on the safe side. Unless you absolutely know the
proposed campsite to be a secured location, or you’re embarking on a
camping tour where your security as well as others’ would be taken
care of.

Personal essentials

Personal essentials are one of the outdoor camping supplies at Aus wide 4wd. You must carry water – it is required to have at least one gallon per person. If you are going to drier climates, you need to carry more water.

You should carry food that is two times the amount of time you will spend on your trip. That way, you will not have to be worried about staying hungry if you extend your stay. Some of the food you can carry are canned food, beef jerky, trail mix, and fruits. Also, carry extra clothes. The personal items you need on your trail are toilet paper and hand sanitizer. You also need trash bags, sunblock, and communication devices. 

Vehicle recovery items

You need vehicle recovery items such as tree saver, hi-lift jack, tow straps, shovel, D-rings, snow tire chains and a winch kit. 


You will also need tools like vice grips, large hammer, pliers, pipe wrenches, vice grips, utility knife, crescent wrenches, snap ring pliers, jumper cables, air pressure, duct tape, rope lengths, baling wire, bungee cords, work gloves, epoxy, super glue and tie wraps. 

Basic tools for vehicle

It is also necessary to have tools that will help you in case the vehicle encounters a problem. You need to carry engine oil, bearing grease, power steering fluid, extra gas, funnel, automatic transmission fluid. There is also a need to carry spare parts like electric fuel pump, lug wrench, spare tire, tire repair kits, hoses, extra spark plug wire, valve stems, extra lug nuts, cotter pins, and spare driveshaft among other spare parts you.

Now that you have these items you are all set for your off-road camping trip. Get your outdoor camping supplies at Aus wide 4wd and you will have peace of mind you need. Once everything is set, the only thing remaining is to enjoy the outdoors. 

Author: Brandon Park