Best thermal imaging camera for a home inspection

Originally, thermal imaging technology was used in the Korea War and later in the US military. Due to the advancement of thermographic technology, thermal imaging cameras became widespread in home inspections, firefighting, law enforcement, and other applications. 

They play a crucial role in detecting the energy emitted from objects. In addition, a thermal imaging camera can be used even from a distance. This enables the user to get heat energy even in unsafe areas without concerns. 

Apart from getting the heat measurement, thermal imaging camera can also spot moisture, water leaks, insulation, electrical boards, and many others. These issues are very critical because they can cause damages that can cost thousands of dollars. 

Here are some of the best thermal imaging cameras for a home inspection for 2019 

  1. FLIR E8: Compact Thermal Imaging Camera

This is one of the most popular thermal imaging cameras for a home inspection. It comes with two built-in cameras with splendid resolutions. 

This handheld imaging camera features a broad temperature detection range compared to its competitors. The high quality construction material and rugged design make it durable and applicable even in adverse situations. 

It comes with high-end features that will enable you to use it in a wide range of applications like electrical inspections in your home. 

Main features 

  • Thermal sensor 

It has a high resolution of 320×240 (76,800) pixels that offer more detailed images. The 3-inches LCD screen is wide enough and displays information such as temperature details, heat loss, and other structural issues.

  • Two built-in cameras 

This thermal imaging camera has two cameras. One is a digital camera which captures the digital images while the other is an IR camera that captures the heat signature. 

  • Image enhancement

It features a technology known as MSX imaging that overlays the visual image with the thermal image to offer more details.  


  • Brand- Flir
  • Temperature range- -4o to 482o F
  • Resolution- 320×240
  • Average price-$3000
  1. FLIR TG167-NIST Spot Thermal Camera

The FLIR TG167-NIST has been designed to be used in a wide range of home applications such as checking the electrical cabinets, switch boxes, etc. 

Main features 

  • High detection range 

This thermal imaging camera has a high detection range from -25o to 380o C/-130 to +716o F. 

  • Thermal sensor and resolution 

It comes with a powerful sensor to enable the user to take the thermal signature of building from a safe distance. On the downside, it has a low resolution of 80×60. 

  • File storage 

The best part of this thermal imaging camera is the storage of files on the SD card. Since it is not Wi-Fi enabled, you can retrieve the captured images through the USB port. 


  • Brand- Flir 
  • Temperature Range—13o F to 716o
  • Resolution- 80×60 
  • Average price- $500
  1. Extech i5 Thermal Imaging Camera

The Extech i5 is a compact imaging camera that is affordable and easy to use. It is an ideal device for monitoring and detecting thermal conditions in home inspections. 

Main Features 

  • Simple to use 

This is an ideal option for you if it is your first time to use a thermal imaging camera. It is very simple to use with a focus-free lens that can automatically focus an object 2 feet away. 

  • Impressive thermal resolution 

It has a thermal resolution of 1000 pixels and a thermal sensitivity range of <0.1 degree Celsius. The captured information is displayed on the large 2.8-inch LCD screen. 

  • File storage 

This thermal imaging camera comes with a 512MB SD card that can stores up to 5000 images 


  • Brand- Flir 
  • Temperature range- -4o F to 4820
  • Resolution- 100 x100
  • Price-$3000


In this article, we have comprehensively gone through some of the best thermal imaging cameras for home inspection. Every home should have this device to save energy and prevent human injury and damages. Our top recommendation is the FLIR TG167-NIST because it is affordable and NIST approved.

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Best thermal imaging camera for a home inspection