Buying CBD Buds Online While Travelling

The close relation and resemblance between hemp and marijuana pose some complications with the law regarding the purchase of CBD buds online. Hemp-based CBD is safe because it does not cause mind alteration to the users thanks to its low levels of THC at less than 0.3%. This makes it vital to be sure of the item you’re purchasing as you buy your CBD products.

You need to know the CBD levels in the product you are buying, whether it has been grown organically, and if it is legal in your state. And as you travel, you ought to know if the products are legal at your destination. You would not want to buy products only for them to be confiscated at your destination or even get you in trouble with law enforcement.

What is your state’s law on CBD?

The signing of the 2018 Farm Bill saw hemp and all of its parts considered as an agricultural commodity. So unlike marijuana, it ceased being a Schedule 1 drug. Furthermore, hemp-based CBD products changed and were not controlled substances anymore. The fact that each state was left to come up with its hemp laws and a hemp program makes things a bit tricky for hemp growers, processors, and sellers from different states. The federal government and 40 states legalized hemp, so you could find that the products are legal in one state and illegal in another.

The current unclear regulations on hemp’s legality is due to several reasons. However, the main one is that most states are awaiting the FDA’s official statement on the use of hemp products. The regulatory body has yet to come up with a clear guide for the inclusion of hemp-derived CBD in food and dietary supplements. Some states have approved hemp but not the manufacturing and sale of hemp food products and supplements. For instance, although hemp is legal in California, selling food containing CBD is illegal. Due to these legal issues, it would be best to check your state’s laws on hemp before buying it.

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Things to consider when buying hemp flower online

Some key things to consider when purchasing hemp flower online and even anywhere else include:

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

This is issued by a third-party independent lab after performing tests on each batch. It reveals the levels of CBD, THC, other cannabinoids, as well as terpenes in that particular hemp flower. It also shows if the hemp is grown organically, meaning without pesticides or in a clean environment.

Inclusion of Notice to Law Enforcers

Due to the murky hemp flower laws, reliable companies put lab results from a third party on every package, and a notice to law enforcers. The essence of this is to protect consumers and avoid the holding of the package at the customs.

Excellent customer service

A good vendor provides working phone lines through which you can reach them during working hours. If you cannot find a number to contact the vendor or the calls are going through, consider this as a red flag.

Reviews on the quality

Some features of quality hemp flower include being well-trimmed, seedless, and kept using proper storage. Checking reviews can help you know the quality of the hemp flower since you have no way to know it before buying. You can also contact the company to seek more information.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Vendors who believe their products are of high quality and have a genuine concern for customers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. It would be best for you to buy only from companies that care about their customers and endeavor to win their trust.


As you buy hemp flower (CBD buds) online, you need to consider the above factors. Also check the buds’ terpene profile that determines their taste and smell, and the actual CBD levels in flower. The CBD flowers with over 10% CBD content tend to be potent, so ensure that you go for higher average levels like 14-15%. Most importantly, ensure that you buy from reputable vendors to get quality products.

Author: Brandon Park