Car Accidents Can Lead To Orthodontics Issues

Most people in the country drive a car daily, which puts them at a somewhat higher risk for automobile accidents. Many of those accidents can create injuries to the mouth and teeth, which require the professional services of an experienced Orthodontist. Over the course of treatment, many people who have sought help from an Orthodontic clinic have experienced great results after an accident related injury.

Auto Accidents are a Daily Risk

We may not think about the dangers that driving a vehicle poses daily, but that doesn’t mean those risks aren’t ever-present while we are driving. People who suffer facial and oral injuries as a result may have a long road to recovery that may require orthodontic treatment. Once the initial injuries have healed enough for a consultation, a physician may refer you to a local orthodontist to receive the care and potentially long term treatment necessary to restore the smile to it’s original appearance.

What Can an Orthodontist Do for Accident Related Injuries?

An orthodontist is a specialist in restoring smiles and manipulating a patient’s teeth provide desired results. For example, if an auto accident has moved teeth or caused damage to the mouth that affects the smile, they have a wide variety of options they can use to begin the process of correcting the damage. Before the treatment process can begin, they will have a consultation with the patient and have a complete set of X rays taken, in conjunction with a thorough oral exam to get an idea of what needs to be addressed, and in which order. Additionally, the consultation can give the orthodontist an idea of what the patient’s overall goal will be when beginning treatment.

It’s important to remember that orthodontic treatment will take time and is usually a relatively long-term commitment. In most cases, an orthodontist may have a wide variety of payment options to make the process easier financially. Anyone who suffers damage to their smile as a result of an auto accident, should consult a reputable, establish orthodontist such as those at Antoine Dental Center in Houston. Their highly trained and experienced orthodontic professionals can help give a clear picture of current issues and provide a timeline for treatment as well as help the patient understand the scope of results that are possible.

Many of the drivers on the road will eventually either require some type of treatment for oral injuries sustained in an auto accident, or know someone who will. When that time comes, it is important to address the damage as soon as possible to help quickly and effectively restore their smile. Oral injuries can not only affect the appearance, but can also interfere with daily functions such as speaking and eating, and in some cases, even sleep.

Author: Mike