Car Care Tips that Will Cost You Less in the Long Run

Cutting corners when it comes to car maintenance is often a quick way to run into a nasty, expensive, or potentially lethal surprise. Good maintenance keeps your car in better shape and prevents bigger, more expensive issues from becoming problems later on.

Unfortunately, drivers on a budget may be tempted to do just that. Instead of risking your safety or a more expensive emergency repair in the future, try saving money with these cost-effective care tips.

#1 Change Your Tires Regularly with Used Tires

Regularly changing your tires makes sure you’re driving safely. Neglecting this essential part of car maintenance can lead to a dangerous situation, such as a blowout or a flat tire. If you’re not sure about the difference between a flat tire vs blowout, this piece goes into the issue with more details and provides advice on how to repair them after the fact.

All in all, it’s better to avoid both of these by changing your tires regularly. You can save considerably by doing this with used tires. Used tires can be very safe options, especially if they have a high treadwear grade or if they’re relatively new, without much mileage on them.

#2 Get Regular Maintenance and Tune-Ups

It can be a very tempting attitude to not worry about your car when there’s nothing broken. Why pay for a regular tune-up when everything is clicking along?

Unfortunately, neglecting basic maintenance can become much more expensive down the road, and keeping your car tuned up can even improve fuel efficiency. In the long run, a well-tuned car can actually save you a few hundred dollars a year.

#3 Frequent Oil Changes

Part of regular maintenance is changing your oil, oil filters, and air filters regularly, too. How often you change the oil is one of the leading factors in the lifespan of your engine. While oil changes can feel like yet another expense draining your wallet, you can save thousands of dollars throughout the lifespan of your vehicle by making sure oil changes are frequent.

#4 Change the Air Filter Yourself

One of the easiest car maintenance tasks around is changing the air filter, but neglecting this task can also cause real issues with gas mileage.

Your owner’s manual should show you how often you’re meant to change the air filter and how often you should do it. Air filters are usually easy to access, and filter replacements are cheap. Don’t pay more for service than you have to. Changing out your own filter can take as little as five minutes, but you can be charged as much as $50 for a mechanic to do this simple task.

#5 Supply Your Own Parts

Parts replacements at a garage or the dealership can be expensive. You can wind up paying as much as a 30% markup on auto parts compared to what you could get it for at an auto parts store.

When you need major repairs or replacements done, see if you can shop around for a better deal on parts and save money.

It’s never fun spending money on car maintenance. Make sure you’re not spending more than you have to while keeping your car in great shape.

Author: Brandon Park