Car Ignition Switch Issues-What You Need To Know?

Without a doubt, one of the most important electronic components of any car or truck is the ignition switch. The ignition switch is responsible for powering up your car and without it working properly, you won’t be able to start your vehicle. On the other hand, ignition switch problems are quite common because this is literally the one electronic component that you use everyday. So no matter what you do, the switch will eventually start wearing out.

For someone who has to take out his car everyday, it’s important to learn the reasons behind ignition switch failures and how to fix them. It’s important because in some cases, a faulty ignition switch can lead your car to unexpected shutdowns while you are driving on the road. Of course, no one would want to witness such a situation. This is why today we are going to explain ignition switch failures and their solutions for you;

1-Steering Wheel Binding 

Have you ever wondered why it’s difficult for thieves to steer a car away without a key? The reason is that the ignition cylinder of your car is connected mechanically to the steering wheel lock. If the steering wheel is turned on and you turn off the engine, your car will be locked and the ignition switch won’t work. The same will happen if you turn the steering wheel on after switching your engine off. The best solution to this problem is to move the wheel to the left and right until your ignition cylinder gets unlocked.

2-Worn Ignition Cylinder Or Key 

The keys of your car and the ignition cylinder both are mechanical components and due to regular use, they’ll wear out one day. It’s common and it usually happens when you mishandle the key or opt for a heavy key-chain as it puts weight on the ignition cylinder. It’s a known fact that a worn out key cannot start an unworn ignition cylinder. So the solution here is to look for an auto locksmith service and get a new lock with a new key. If the problem isn’t with your key then you should check the cylinder and if that’s worned out, get a new one. 

3-A Faulty Ignition Switch 

The ignition switch is connected with the ignition cylinder through a lever or a shaft. Inside the cylinder, there are several important electrical systems that connect to start the car. When the ignition switch is off, no systems are connected but when it’s the “Start” position, the electrical systems connect with one another and that’s how your car starts. Now when you have a faulty ignition switch, there can be three main reasons behind it. First is that something might be wrong with the ignition contacts, there might be some broken springs or there might be something wrong with the temperature. If you have a poor ignition switch due to any of these reasons, you should get it replaced as soon as you can. Driving with a faulty ignition switch means that your car can shut down any moment when you are driving and that can be dangerous. 

4-Problems With The Immobilizer 

The modern cars nowadays have immobilizers using transponder keys. These keys are responsible to enable or disable the starting and running of the engine. There’s a code in the chip of the key and these codes are available in millions of numbers. If the key has the same code that has been programmed in the vehicle, it will work and the engine will start. But if the code doesn’t match to what has been programmed in the car then you won’t be able to start the car as your ignition switch won’t respond. The solution here is to ensure that your keys are programmed in accordance to your immobilizer. In some cases, you might even need to replace the battery. 

These are some of the reasons behind a faulty car ignition switch. So the next time you have trouble starting your car and if your ignition switch isn’t working, you need to identify the problem first and then opt for the solutions mentioned above. 

Author: Full Editorial