Car Of The Year: What’s The Best Compact Car In 2020?

The car market changes from year to year. What’s trending now in the car industry may be forgotten the following year. 

This is precisely what happened with compact cars when SUV appeared, and people started driving them across the country. However, big city rush, jammed roads, and lack of parking spots in business areas led to compact cars’ rebirth and their popularity. 

Compact cars are excellent, they are easy to maneuver, environmentally friendly, more affordable, and you can maintain them better for less money. Plus, now when the whole world is heading toward more greener solutions and smarter consumption choices, having a compact car seems fitting. 

If you are interested in compact cars, but you aren’t sure what vehicle to check, we have gathered the best compact cars in one place. Read on. 

2020 Honda Civic

When it comes to compact cars, Civic knows what to do. For decades, Civic has been a leader in delivering the finest and most practical compact vehicles today. 

2020 Honda Civic offers an upscale cabin, strong engine, roomy cabin, and fun to drive factor that few rivals can match. 2020 Honda Civic is available as a sedan, coupe, or hatchback.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla offers more for less. For less than $20,000, this car comes with an elegant design, sharp lines for existing roads, and a ton of standard safety tech. 

The car comes with standard ten airbags, including driver knee airbags and even curtain airbags. This is a reliable compact car with low severity of repairs. 

Chevy Bolt

Chevy Bolt will take you further. With 200 horsepower and a unique design, this car will easily take from weekend family trips to an adventure across the county. 

Bolt 2020 offers advanced safety technologies, plenty of space, and a well-through design. As an all-electric vehicle, Bolt 2020 is perfect for those that prefer a greener lifestyle. 

2020 Volkswagen Jetta

This is a compact sedan that’s, thanks to great design, almost as spacious as a midsize. This spacious vehicle offers excellent driving manners well combined with comfort. The 2020 model comes with built-in Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity. 

Jetta is designed to bring European charm and performance while providing more power and driver involvement. 

All in, 2020 Jetta should definitely be on any list of possible new compact-sedan purchases – it’s just worth your time and money. 

Best Small Cars

Modern small cars today offer more. Thanks to technology features, small cars provide connectivity, comfort, and excellent performance. They usually cost below the average price, but they look and feel like little luxury cars. 

So, when searching for cars that will save you money and deliver more, test compact cars first. Keep your eye on models that include Honda Fit, Bolt 2020, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, Nissan Versa, and Toyota Yaris. 

Author: Brandon Park