Carbon fairings for motorcycles: features, advantages and costs

All motorcycle experts know that carbon fairings are now on the way, but that wasn’t always the case.

One of the reasons why has always been the high price of the carbon itself (we will talk about it shortly later) and its technical manufacture, which has contributed greatly to its sale to a select few or mainly for competitive sports.

Still, many motorcyclists and enthusiasts are approaching the Carbon fairings now for the main features it can offer and that can change the way they can hit and approach the road: its mechanical resistance and lightness and the possibility to to personalize the vehicle and make it more in line with the personal taste of the pilot.

 The advantages of carbon fairings

For the reasons written above, these are the main advantages of choosing a Carbon fairing for your motorcycle:

  • lightness;
  • extreme mechanical resistance;
  • resistance to thermal changes;
  • very high thermal insulation;
  • fireproof effect;
  • personalization;
  • elegance and a unique touch of the lines.

There is a wide assortment of original and custom carbon fairings for motorcycles with personalizations that make your motorcycle unique in its kind. Filter the search for your model and find out how to customize and make your motorcycle more like you. You can also decide to rely on specialized companies that can create unique models on precise request.

How much do they cost?

Let’s talk about money here. Everyone writes and claims that one of the reasons carbon fairings struggle to reach the general public is its high cost. So how much does it cost to opt for a carbon fairing for your motorcycle?

Generally speaking, the average motorcycle fairing costs about $600-$1,500, from the small pieces that start from $50 to the complete kit that reaches the

$11,000. These prices, of course, can vary depending on the make and model selected, and also on the part you are looking for.

Prices can be affected by other several factors, including the year and model of the motorcycle, original parts, material, quality, design or graphics.

It goes without saying that the cheapest fairings are to be found in the Chinese market, with complete kits that start from $300 minimum.

Still, you can find racing fairings that may even cost thousands of dollars.

Make sure to find what you need and are looking for: sky (and your wallet) is the limit.

The ‘carbon look’ fairings

One of the things you should be aware of before purchasing carbon fairings is the so called ‘carbon-look’, in order to recognize the real carbon fiber from the ‘carbon look’ one.

Carbon is a real fiber that is woven just like a trivial fabric and has various types of wefts, all impregnated with resin which catalyzes itself in a mold and makes it rigid or into the desired shape. You can recognize it quite easily: while approaching you will notice the very fine fibers that intertwine.

The carbon-look, on the other hand, is trivial plastic with the fake ‘weft’ printed on it that reproduces the carbon effect. To give an example, all the various arrows and similar that look like carbon are carbon-look, you can see very well when approaching: you will notice that it is nothing more than plastic with a small gray checkerboard drawn (when they are poor you also feel the thickness of the gray with the fingers).

Author: Brandon Park