CarGuard Administration Inc: How To Make A Safe Purchase

Making a major purchase such as a car can be extremely intimidating. Not only is someone investing a lot of money into something brand new or gently used, but there’s always a chance of repairs becoming necessary.

That’s why many people believe that investing in a vehicle protection plan makes the most sense whenever they bring on a new car. This is especially true for having protection if the new car is a lot more trouble than initially planned. 

How does something like this happen? It’s just one of many scams out there for car shoppers. The more protection for a consumer, the better off a car owner will be.

 CarGuard Administration Inc. has heard too many horror stories and hopes to help people trying to stay safe. These are the top ways to avoid scams.

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Have a used car inspected

Finding a brand new car from a dealer is safe with plenty of warranties and assurance, but any used car should be examined closely. Having a car inspected will cut down on going to a mechanic right away. While vehicle protection plans help save some money, when a repair needs to be done.

What CarGuard Administration Inc. has seen from many people is a rush to go out and jump on a great deal. One of the reasons it could be a great deal is that the car was never inspected, and there’s more that’s wrong with it than the person selling it is stating. It’s just good practice to have everything inspected to avoid any big surprises in today’s world.

Suspicious payment opportunities

A scam that many people end up falling for is sending money in a suspicious way to the seller. Try to make the transaction as standard as possible to avoid huge mistakes financially. If they request money to be sent to a fake escrow service, as one example, it can end up with a person being out thousands and thousands of dollars.

Funds must clear, and everything must be up and running before completing a sale. That’s why some people would rather go to a dealership for a little bit more money than work with a private seller. They have more standards to go by so that these scams can’t be pulled off.

Perform a full vehicle history check

A vehicle history check from companies like CarFax and AutoCheck is pretty affordable and can provide great assurance for anyone making a car purchase. They are quick and easy, and they help tell the car’s story that might be left out of the description.

Scammers are always trying to make a car more appealing than it actually is. CarGuard Administration Inc. has witnessed a lot of customers coming to them early and often with repair needs because they never had a vehicle history checked adequately. It might seem like a hassle that holds up the sale, but waiting a little bit longer can help avoid years and years of frustration.

Investigate any possible liens on the vehicle

Some sellers have a lien on a vehicle, yet they still try to sell it. A lien means the lending company can claim the vehicle if a loan goes unpaid. Liens don’t go away just because someone ends up selling a car. It’s transferred to the next person unless taken care of after the purchase.

One way to avoid this issue is to look at the owner’s driver’s license and see if it matches up with the car’s title. There’s also the option of going through the Department of Motor Vehicles and checking for liens. This is a necessary step for anyone trying to make a purchase on their own instead of going through a dealership.

Can vehicle protection plans help fight against scams?

People need to avoid falling for any car scams out there before spending a penny on a vehicle. That being said, there is a bit of a silver lining for those who were scammed and maybe have a car that needs repair.

A vehicle protection plan acts as a way to protect against any type of repairs that are needed to keep a car running. By paying a monthly fee for a plan, customers can have the assurance that they will not be hit with any huge bills if something goes wrong. There are different plans out there, and many companies to choose from offer these options like CarGuard Administration.

CarGuard Administration Inc. believes that everyone can benefit from a vehicle protection plan on top of their required insurance and any manufacturer warranty. Some people believe that it’s necessary to put it on every car, while others will add it only when it gets to a certain age.

It’s not a perfect solution for a car that ends up being a ton of trouble because of a scam, but it’s better than having no protection at all. Being left to fix everything without coverage is one way to get upside down on a vehicle. If more money is owed on a car than what it’s worth, it can cause a lot of financial stress for owners who are perhaps dealing with other issues in their life as well.

Author: Brandon Park