Catastrophic Injuries and How They Affect Victims After an Accident

When you are involved in a tragic auto accident, you may be facing catastrophic injuries, which is considered one of the worst experiences to suffer as an individual. As a victim, these fatal injuries have lifelong consequences, including mobility issues, pain, and routine visits to a medical care center for the rest of your life. In many cases, there is a family behind the victim, who is also affected in many ways due to the catastrophic injuries incurred by a victim; this is how it affects their lives.                

Physical and Mental Health

When someone endures catastrophic injuries, physical and mental health issues are usually generic and obvious. The victim suffers lifelong problems, including physical immobility and psychological struggles that aren’t easily treated with pharmaceuticals. Many injuries require walking aids, and some need consistent caregivers. Depending on the kind of accident, many victims come out with third-degree burns, and if not treated corrected are susceptible to severe infections.

The mental struggle that an individual has to go through, knowing that life will not be the same again, can have serious mental health effects. These mental health issues can also affect family members as caregivers for a long time. Family members immediately assume the role of being caregivers with no preparation after injuries so severe. From helping the victim out of bed, bathing, performing daily activities, including their physical therapy tasks. Such responsibility can negatively affect those with no experience in caregiving; their physical and mental health can take a toll.

Emotional Effects

The struggle of dealing with catastrophic injuries can negatively impact the victim’s relationship with their family, causing endless suffering and pain. Imagine a hardworking father of a family who financially supports the entire household, do most physical chores around the house, and suddenly suffers fatal injuries from a car crash. This will affect the family in so many ways and rely on outside help to keep up filling the victim’s space.

Being accustomed to being independent and helping the family suddenly need help and not doing anything for yourself, let alone the household. This will most likely bring an emotional burden on him and his family. The family may experience the most emotional pain, especially when they cannot rely on the victim who comforts them in their time of need. It may be difficult to see or know when the struggle will end; things may never get back to normal, taking a toll on the family. 

Financial Impact

The one undeniable and indefinite factor of a catastrophic injury is the financial burden it brings. Property damage is one of the most common financial stamps with such injuries and exuberant medicals that keep coming, stretching hundreds of thousands of dollars. With no timeframe or end in sight, this leaves the family struggling to pay for basic needs and get around with no transport. The financial struggle persists as the victim needs therapy, and any unforeseen complications may need extra medical attention.

If the victim played a breadwinning role, fatal injuries might affect their ability to return to work and ultimately struggle to support the family. In this case, a lawsuit may be the only option to mitigate financial difficulties.

Author: Brandon Park