Change of Address Checklist: Who To Notify When You Move


Now that you have found a new home that can make your lives very comfortable and easier, the next big thing you must do is spreading the word about your new address. But, who are the ones that you must inform about the change of address. It is not just your close contacts like family members and friends, who must know about your new home’s address. You must have a big list of important organization as well as companies that must be informed about your move. Having a comprehensive checklist will help you have all the documents ready for proving your identity when you are proceeding to perform the change of address at the US Postal Service.

The USPS Change of Address

You can visit the website of the USPS to make a change of address for getting all your future invoices, mails as well as parcels forwarded to your recently moved address without fail. You can either download the change of address form available at the site of USPS or pay a visit to the post office in your locality to get the application form. You can then submit it after filling out the important details it asks for. Then, your mails and bills will reach you at the present address without any hindrances or from reaching the wrong hands.


Who Else Should You Inform About The Move?

Apart from visiting the site of US mailing change of address or your local post office for a change of address, you should also pass the word about your move to the following sources.

Your Career Related Sources

You must inform your employer first regarding your address change and make sure that it is updated in the contact details of the company MIS, as it is essential for your payroll details.

Notifying The IRS

You can also notify the Inland Revenue Service about the details of change of address, as it will help your tax details have your updated address. If you are not very sure about making the change of address application in well recognized institutions like USPS or IRS, then you can seek the support and assistance offered by the 3rd party company offering change of address services who can guide you through the complex process while making sure your form submission is performed successfully.

You can also get more benefits by going through the checklists and eBooks they offer to fill up the different types of change of address forms to get the mails delivered to your new home.


Household Utilities

You might face issues with your landline connection, cable or satellite service or broadband service if it is not paid promptly. 

You should get all the utility bills delivered to the new home to avoid late payment fees and cut in the services, which is possible only when you notify them of the change of address.

You can send an email or a message to notify them about your move to stay free from the worries about missing the payment of a utility bill.

Author: Brady Anderson