How To Change A Business Mailing Address With USPS

Would you like to move or rent a post office box? Learn to continue receiving mail or to make a reservation at your local post office to change your address.

How To Change Your Address With The Postal Service

You have two options to let the post office know that you are changing your address and that you want to send your mail to your new location.

1. Go to move to change your address online

– This is the quickest and easiest way, with an e-mail confirming the change immediately.

– You can update your address online by charging a $1 fee. A credit or debit card and a valid e-mail address are required. Your card will be charged $1, which means identity checks to avoid fraud and ensure that you make the change.

– Warning: You don’t have to charge for a different company to change your name. Scammers can pay $40 or more for only $1 on the moving USPS.com workplace website.

2. Go to your local post office and request a Mover’s Guide packet.

– PS Form 3575 is inside the packet. Please fill in this address change and send it to a postal worker behind the counter or place it in the post office’s letter mail slot.

– Within five working days, you will receive a letter of confirmation at your new address.

How to Temporarily Change Your Mailing Address or Hold Your Mail at a Post Office

– You may seek a temporary change of address from your local post office.

– You may be able to keep your mail for a short time, for instance, during a vacation, but the service is not available at all post offices.

How to Change or Cancel Your Request

You need your confirmation number if you want to cancel or make changes to your application for a change of address. Note your original application number on the letter or e-mail that you sent. Online viewing updating or cancellation of your application

Change Your Address with Other Government Agencies

Other federal and state agencies to contact if your address changes include:

1. Internal Revenue Service (IRS)  – Please contact the IRS to change your email if you receive a tax refund or other mail. If you register your address with the correct boxes, you can also change your address by writing your new address on your tax return.

2. Social Security Administration (SSA) – You may also change postal address online by using my Social Safety Account if your email can’t be changed or you have social security or Medicaid benefits without calling the SSA. In this situation, you can use my social security account. 

3. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) – Please contact VA if you are an old recipient or want to check your records.

4. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) – In case you are non-US citizens you are kindly required to contact USCIS within ten days of your move

5. State Motor Vehicle Agencies – Contact your country to update your license or registration address for automobiles

6. State Election Offices – Contact the local electoral office to change your registration address and assign a new polling site if you have passed beyond the borders of your current polling station.

Forward or Hold Your Mail

Should you temporarily move or leave the city? The U.S. postal service can send the mail to a new address and keep it at your local postal office for a certain period of time.

Forward Your Mail

If you transfer temporarily, the USPS transfers your mail from your old to a new one for 15 days to 1 year.

– Fill out an official USPS address change form to get started. It covers questions on the type of transfer, the start, and the end of mail forwarding and more.

Hold Your Mail

The USPS will keep the email in your local post office until you come back if you are going to be away three to 30 days. This service can be requested until 30 days in advance or the next scheduled day of delivery.

– If the USPS mail forwarding service is required to maintain your mail for more than 30 days.

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How To Change A Business Mailing Address With USPS