CuteCars plans to disrupt commission fee ridesharing with free ads

CuteCars App is taking aim at rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft with a free and low cost ad listing platform. Customers can find driver services on CuteCars and engage them for one-off and regular gigs. Drivers can convert passengers to regular customers.

“CuteCars is about creating lasting relationships between drivers and users, while cutting out middlemen like Uber,” says Anthony Todd CEO. CuteCars is building an online marketplace of private cars, town cars, limos, buses, delivery vans, trucks and other driver based services. It’s the vehicle that is advertised in the location it is found.

Superior Features App

CuteCars App promises to be fast and easy to use when launched in January, 2019. Features include one-page search, swipe, videos, maps, comments, direct call and chat notifications. As this is a web app for mobile devices, and not a store app, no download is required. It just works.

Access is moderated. Driver services are required to have commercial or rideshare insurance, liability coverage, permits and permissions to operate independently in the location they advertise. A clean driver’s record is required.  Checks are done by CuteCars and by users.

Every vehicle details page has a comments section. Comments are moderated and drivers may get negative reviews for things like dirty cars and bad service. Drivers can be suspended or banned. However passengers and users can also be banished. CuteCars will not tolerate bad actors that ruin the community for everyone else.

“We don’t need to be the biggest ridesharing community. Just the best,” says Anthony Todd CEO.


Customer Choice a Priority

Passengers and other users get to choose the exact vehicle with driver. Any vehicle, of any age, anywhere, can be advertised for any driver service, except bikes. CuteCars actively encourages classics and convertibles for date night cruises; party buses for friends; lady drivers with ‘people carriers’ for mom’s taxi; and drivers to help elders with shopping.

A customer can choose a vehicle and contact the owner by phone call or chat messaging. Numbers and emails are screened, and only members get the privilege. Calls and chat are logged and members are expected to behave respectfully. Drivers set rates and terms and accept payments, usually by credit card. A p2p payment feature is planned but won’t be available at launch.

Because contact is direct and CuteCars plays no part in the transaction the driver may have the customer for life, by providing exceptional service. A passenger gets the vehicle he or she wants and a driver that meets their needs, like door-to-door service and knowing when to keep quiet. It’s a win-win situation.

Free and Low Cost Advertising

Drivers who join in time for the beta launch project will get 6 months free ads. After launch drivers will get two months free advertising with Promo Codes. If a driver is unable to find one of the many promo codes in marketing messages they can pay US$ 25 for two months service, with a $25 recurring monthly fee to follow, which can easily be cancelled. No commission is ever charged.

Uber and Lyft drivers pay at least 25% in commission fees. A full time driver may pay over $ 1,000 per month in commission. Drivers who sign up for CuteCars can also drive for whoever else they want. CuteCars is only an advertising platform.

Unique ID # for conversion and social media marketing

Every CuteCars driver get’s a unique id #, which they can give passengers and contacts. The number, once entered in search, will direct the person to the driver’s page. The advertiser also gets an id link to share on social media, to bring new customers. CuteCars will also help market select driver services, especially in the beta launch phase.

Drivers Wanted for Beta Launch

Drivers who qualify and want 6 months free ads should go to the blog url at now. There is a limit of 50 for testing purposes. The beta service will go live in January. All interested parties can sign up for the newsletter on the home page, to be notified of the launch. Investors, partners, job seekers and media will find relevant pages on the blog.

Author: Brandon Park