Defective Cars- or Coffins on the Road?

Ever since man has invented the wheel, transportation has evolved significantly. Ford Model T, was the first mass-produced car in the world. They fulfilled the dreams of millions of people who were looking for higher aspiration values in their life. Soon, as the number of cars increased on the roads, car accidents started to become common. Car manufacturers soon realized that cars need to be safer too. But more often than not, it was cars with design flaws that caused accidents. Earlier, the manufacturers used to get away with such issues in the cars, as people didn’t know as to how to investigate and claim compensation for their loss. It was only after stricter laws that came into place that Car manufacturers started to take notice of the life-threatening flaws in their cars. Faulty brakes, internal electrical snags and improper tires for cars, have been causes of numerous accidents in the past.

Manufacturers are now on their heels when it comes to making sure that their cars are safer for the public to drive. It is the utmost responsibility of the manufacturers to do quality checks and homologation runs for their cars, just to check for any faulty design flaws that might result in bigger disasters on the road. For example, Toyota faced a lawsuit of millions of dollars as there were 89 deaths of people who faced untimely acceleration when they were supposed to brake. Another instance involving the company was faulty airbags that didn’t deploy during frontal collisions. It is due to these cases, Toyota has adopted the highest quality standard of Six Sigma for their cars so that people are not involved in wrongful accidents due to defective parts.

Faulty electrical systems too are one of the major causes of cars catching fire for no reason. As per the data released by the US fire department, as many as 83 percent of passenger vehicles caught fire on the freeway, out of these 36 percent were fatal and they originated from either the engine or some electrical fault in the vehicle. The insulation around electrical wiring contributed to about 29 percent of these fires. This statistic brings a question mark to us whether we are safe in our cars, in spite of routine maintenance. More often than not, 37 percent of vehicle fires have been due to unintentional reasons, which means that the fire just started out of no intervention from the passengers of the car.

Such cases entitle you to seek legal representation, as expert Legal counsel will ensure that you get compensated for unintentional loss of your hard-earned money on your car. The Stephens Law Firm, based out of Houston Texas, is one such law firm that has garnered expertise in Defective Auto parts litigation cases. We suffer at the loss of our loved ones involved in car crashes, vehicle fires, auto part malfunctioning, and hence it entitles us to seek compensation from manufacturers who have been negligent enough to allow defective cars on the roads.


Author: Brandon Park