Determining If Fuel Cards Are Right For Your Business Fleet

Do you have a business that relies heavily on vehicles? Perhaps you have noticed that your employees are using a lot more fuel than they should be and you want to bring that down in order to save money? Commercial fuel cards just might be the answer that you have been looking for. There are many benefits that your business can enjoy when you implement fuel cards into your organization. But you might not have heard about any of them before, so lets a look at some information that can help you. 

You Can Get Discounts On The Fuel That Your Vehicles Use

There are a lot of cards out there to choose from, so you have to take a look at all of them in-depth in order to determine which one is right for your business. But no matter which card you end up choosing, one of the main benefits that they all generally have in common is that they offer discounts when you purchase fuel. Even if you only have one vehicle for your business, you can save money by using a commercial fuel card; and if you have a large fleet, then you can easily see that the savings will become quite significant.  That makes the choice of getting and using fuel cards a no brainer. Aside from the normal percentage that you will save from the price of fuel, some fuel cards also have offers from time to time that can help you to save even more if you take full advantage of them!

Managing Your Fleet’s Fuel Costs Becomes Easier

Obviously, the biggest benefit of using a fuel card is the savings that it offers, and more so if you use a lot of fuel for your business. But another great benefit for you and your office staff is that keeping track of expenses and dealing with them will be made a lot easier. Without fuel cards, having to hand your employees cash to buy fuel can be a nightmare; mistakes are made, cash goes missing for honest and dishonest reasons, and keeping track of it all is exhausting because there will be a lot of receipts to have to tally up and those can go missing too! So you can see how much work and stress this situation places on your office staff’s shoulders. By using fuel cards you will not have to worry about missing receipts and the accounting problems that they cause, not to mention the ethical dilemmas from beginning to suspect that an employee might be stealing. Your drivers will certainly appreciate fuel cards too because it is less of a hassle for them directly at the pump and they don’t have to worry about losing company cash or having to turn in a receipt and account for every single penny. Clearly, implementing commercial fuel cards will make your entire business run more efficiently because everyone will spend less time on every aspect that has to do with paying for fuel and have more time to be more productive doing their actual jobs!

Keep Track Of Where Your Workers Go

Drivers sometimes take the long route for different reasons and this hurts your efficiency. A driver might just be lazy and not really want to put in as much effort as he should, or he might just want to report more hours and make more money, but whatever the reason, having an online invoice of fuel expenses and precisely where it was bought will allow you to see what route your driver took and how long he took while on that route. This will help you have more control over them and they will know it too! Of course, you can actually do that with receipts too but it would take a lot longer to go through every single receipt and put the whole route together, and what do you do about missing receipts? When that happens, it just defeats the purpose. Plus, drivers will be more likely to intentionally lose receipts if they actually do have something to hide. Yet another thing to consider is that drivers will be safer carrying a commercial fuel card instead of cash.

So What Fuel Card Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing a commercial fuel card, you will find that there are various options with varying benefits. We all want to save money and that will most likely be your main goal when making your choice, but there are other considerations that should be made such as how big their network of gas stations happens to be. Imagine having a fuel card that offers you amazing savings but they only have a few stations around you and where your drivers go? That will make getting fuel a hassle that no one needs, so you do want to choose someone with a vast network.

Author: Brady Anderson