Skilled Toronto DUI Attorney Defending You When Times Are Tough

In life, there are some things you just plain need a lawyer for. Being charged with drunk driving or DUI is definitely one of them. Canadian DUI laws have gotten tougher, and the penalties can be severe.

At the Law Office of Jonathan Lapid, our attorneys are committed to providing the people with a skilled legal defense for DUI charges in Ontario. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every case. We can provide you with an aggressive defense centered around the goal of reaching a beneficial plea bargain arrangement or going to trial and fighting to reduce or dismiss the charges against you.

Our aggressive DUI defense strategy includes a variety of techniques designed to find and expose any potential errors in the arrest procedure. We will:

  • Examine your situation, consider any prior convictions and chart a course for your defense
  • Represent you at DMV hearings for drivers license suspension or revocation
  • Request discovery of the evidence against you
  • Examine the evidence and details of your initial arrest, including field sobriety tests, BAC tests, officer behavior and probable cause for your traffic stop
  • Cross-examine police officers in court regarding your arrest to expose any inconsistencies in their arrest reports and actions
  • If we feel the evidence against you is strong and a plea agreement would be in your best interest, we will aggressively pursue a fair agreement that will be beneficial to you. Our DUI attorney has a reputation for working hard with District Attorneys to negotiate a good plea. 

We have had success on numerous occasions in reaching plea agreements that have helped our clients avoid jail time, pay smaller fines and avoid long-term suspension of their driver’s license.

A skilled defense is even more important if you are facing prosecution for a second or third offense under Toronto’s tough DUI laws. You could be facing substantial automatic jail time, license revocation, felony charges, and other stiff penalties. From speeding tickets to major drunk driver violations, we can help you with any traffic-related legal issues. At the Law Office of Jonathan Lapid, DUI attorney has many years of experience working with the County Court System and traffic violations. We can provide experienced defense counsel, from negotiating plea agreements to defending you in court. Some of the many issues with which we have experience include:

  • Speeding, excessive speed
  • Reckless driving, careless driving
  • Driving under suspension (DUS), driving under revocation, driving under restraint (DUR)
  • Driving without insurance
  • Hit and run
  • Vehicular manslaughter

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Skilled Toronto DUI Attorney Defending You When Times Are Tough