Dos & Don’ts of Planning a Romantic Weekend Getaway

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or want to get away “just because”, a short weekend escape can be just what your relationship needs. Life gets busy, and it can be tricky to make time for romance in your day-to-day life.

Time away will help you reconnect, recharge, and simply have fun together. If you’re planning a weekend trip for your special someone, this guide will give you some simple dos and don’ts to help you along the way. 

DO consider travel time

Weekend trips have their own charm. The limited time forces you to savor each moment and stay present. However, this can be tricky to do if you spend half the weekend traveling there and back. Try to pick a destination that’s close enough to home that you can drive there in under a few hours.

This gives you plenty of time at your destination, and you won’t need to stress about a full on roadtrip. If you have space to splurge, a quick flight can get you where you want to be with little fuss as well.

DON’T put too much pressure on the weekend

While your intentions are romantic, don’t force yourself to make each moment straight out of a romance novel. This will only stress you out and put pressure on the weekend. Instead, plan romantic details and let the rest unfold naturally.

After all, lighthearted moments make the best memories. You and your partner might get stuck in the rain on a romantic boat ride. Instead of being disappointed in the circumstances, laugh and make the most of it. 

DO make time to relax

When planning a weekend trip, some travelers will try to pack each moment with activities. However, this can be stressful and tiring. Remember that you are taking this trip to bond with your partner, and you will need some downtime to have meaningful conversation and enjoy each other’s company.

Usually, one or two planned activities creates enough balance. You can use the rest of the time to be spontaneous or relax by the pool. 

DON’T make your partner plan

You might not be the planner in the relationship, but this is no excuse to ask your partner to plan their own getaway. When you are the one making the romantic gesture, you should be the one to plan.

Remember that it’s okay to ask others for help when you are unsure about a decision. Your friends may have unique recommendations to push your planning in the right direction. Whether you take your partner parasailing near West Palm Beach or to a hot spring in the Pacific Northwest, they will surely appreciate your romantic plans.

DO allow yourself to indulge

Romantic getaways are all about indulgences, so allow yourself to enjoy some simple pleasures. This could be a multi-course meal at a beachside restaurant, a tasting with a local wine distributor, or a couple’s massage.

Planning details like this will allow your partner to feel prioritized and pampered. You can forget about your special diets and busy day jobs for a weekend, simply enjoying the experiences you are having.

Every relationship is unique, but every relationship can also benefit from a mini-vacation. A weekend at a bread and breakfast, a few days at the ski resort, or a camping trip will eliminate everyday distractions and bring you and your partner together. Overtime, you might even develop a tradition of planning romantic weekend trips.


Dos & Don’ts of Planning a Romantic Weekend Getaway