Everything You Need to Know About Garage Floor Containment Mats

Your garage floor is prone to staining and oil spills as well as other fluids, but who wants to walk into that all the time? Certainly not you and that is why you are here, right?

With garage floor containment mats, you can take care of that problem as these floor coverings absorb all the mess that your car could possibly deposit. They can also hide any unsightly cracks on your garage floor as well as protect it from cold weather.

You may, therefore, want to follow this link to know more about perfect garage floor containment mats. Today, we’d like to educate you on every little thing you need to know about these all-important accessories.

Benefits of Containment Mats for Garages – An Overview

Just as the name implies, these are mats designed to contain any spillages in the garage. They offer an effective and quick solution for preventing oil, chemicals, water, mud, and snow from getting to your garage’s floor.

Moreover, these mats add to your safety while in the garage as they offer a non-slippery surface. Most containment mats come with specially designed edges that work to keep mud, water, and snow off the floor.

The fabric used to make them is also durable enough to withstand frequent tire traffic as well as different temperatures.

How Do the Mats Contain Fluids?

We have already mentioned that garage floor containment mats protect the floor from things like oil spills and ice.

The mats are fitted with a containment edge that captures and absorbs fluids. Some of these mats eve come with corners uniquely designed to keep them from slipping out of place even with oil spillages.

How Much Water Can the Mats Hold?

These mats can accommodate different amounts of fluid based on specifications such as width, length, and height.

Of course, the more of those specifications a mat has, the more it can hold, so if you tend to have a lot of spillages in your garage, the best thing to do would be to go bigger with the dimensions.

How are They Installed?

The first thing you want to note here is that you will not require any tools for the installation of containment mats.

All you have to do is order for yours, open the box when you receive it and simply unfold the mat to lay it flat on your garage floor. The seam side should be facing up.

It would also be wise to air blow or sweep your garage’s floor before laying down the mat to ensure that it is smooth with no sharp or bulging things underneath.

Ideally, the mats should come with a non-slip base that ensures they stay in place but if yours does not, you can lay it down using glue and a bit of heat.

How are they Cleaned?

It is important to clean your containment mat regularly to guarantee its longevity and improve its performance. In addition, it is not a good look for you to have all that gunk collected by the mat in your garage, no?

The easiest way to clean is by using a squeegee to wipe the mat. Alternatively, you can use a mop or a soft-bristles brush to scrub the dirt away.

You can also opt to apply kitchen detergent to the mat and hose it down with water to remove chemicals and oil.

Anytime you use water to clean your mats, be sure to put them out to air dry before using them again

What Else Can the Mats Used For?

Okay, so aside from your garage floor, what else can you use containment mats for? Well, the mats work perfectly for residential premises and commercial establishments alike.

For instance, you can use the mats to prevent muddy and wet floors in your restaurant, salon, or whatever commercial establishment you own.

You can also use them in the home for slippery stairs or floors.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that your garage floor will be wet most of the time either from spilled oil, water, ice, or even snow However, you do not have to be constantly cleaning or have to live with the mess.

You also want to keep in mind that your safety is at risk with such messes. Garage floor containment mats offer you a way out so if you care about your safety and want to keep your garage looking tidier get yourself the same.

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Everything You Need to Know About Garage Floor Containment Mats